Paper # 01

MCQs = 28

Subjective Questions = 4

1) Calculate the cash flow from operations, (5 Marks)

2) Calculate Depreciation using Straight line Method if Cost =100000, Residual Value is= 10000,Estimated Life = 5 years, (3 Marks)

3) Calculate Depreciation using Declining Balance method till 2003 from 1999. if Cost =100000, Residual Value is= 10000,Estimated Life = 5 years is purchased on march 29, 1999. (3 Marks)

Paper # 02

MCQs = 28

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Subjective Questions = 4

1) Which one of the cash flow and income statement is best tool for measuring the profitability of a sound business? Marks 3

2) If the company issues stocks or bonds to pay debts, would u include it in the cash flow statement? Marks 3

3) Calculate the cash flow from operating activities from the given data..( data has forgotton) marks 5

4) Haris is trading In cranes. He has one crane which original cost is rs.60000, the accumulated depreciation is rs.48000, He purchase a new crane which cost is Rs. 75000 and he was given a trade allowance of rs.15000.

a) how much cash Haris will pay? Marks 2

b) what would be the gain or loss if the first crane is disposed off? Marks.3