Paper # 01

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MCQs = 28

Subjective Questions = 4

50% MCQs from old papers.

1) What are the ethics related to literature review?

2) Explain the ex post facto design?

3) What do you understand by the term operationalization and how it is done?

4) High internal validity or lower external validity?

Paper # 02

MCQs = 28

Subjective Questions = 4

1) Report building is the essence of getting true responses of the respondents. Explain briefly. (3 marks)

2) Mail questioners are cost effective but not always. Comment on the statement. (3 marks)

3) How research question helps to formulate hypothesis? Explain with the of an example. (5 marks)

4) A valid instrument is always reliable but a reliable instrument is not always valid? Comment on this statement. (5 marks)