The receptionist at a doctor's office throws away certain product circulars mailed by
pharmaceutical companies and keeps the ones on products she believes are useful. The
receptionist is performing which role in the buying center?
If a local company wants to adopt the marketing concept. To be consistent with this
move, it should adopt which of the following philosophies?
Focusing on today is important for us
Making money is our business
The customer is always right
Keeping prices low is our objective
Any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods or services by
an identified sponsor reflects which one of the following concepts?
Sales promotion
Direct marketing
Personal selling
Making more sales to current customers without changing a firm’s products refers to
which of the following strategies?
Market development
Market growth
Market penetration
Product development
The objective of which of the following research is to gather preliminary information
that will help define the problem and suggest hypotheses?
A threat is a major unfavorable situation in a firm’s environment. Threats are key
impediments to the firm’s current or desired position. Which one of the following
represents threat to a firm’s success?
Relaxation of international tariffs
The entrance of new competitors in the market
Undifferentiated products or services
Cost advantages present because of advanced technology
Demographic segmentation divides the market into groups based on which of the
following variables?
Size, location, industry, customer
Size, company, industry, technology
Location, size, occupation, race
Customer, technology, company, industry
A political force is one of the actors of marketing macro environment. It is difficult for
the marketers to deal with the political environment because:
It is simple to recognize
It is beyond their control
It is easily ignored
It is easily influenced
Buyer- seller similarities is an attribute comes under which one of the following
Demographic factors
Personal characteristics
Situational factors
Operating variables
Boston University is using the systematic design, collection, analysis, and reporting of
data relevant to marketing its programs to minority students. What do we call this?
Marketing research
Cost-benefit analysis
Which one of the following statements is an example of a problem that may arise in the
implementation of the marketing concept?
The marketer cannot satisfy all the marketing segments
Consumers do not understand what the marketing concept is
Dealers do not support the marketing concept
A product may fit the needs of too many segments
Why is business legislation enacted?
To protect consumers
To protect companies from each other
To protect the interest of the society
All of the given options

Three main strategies for intensive growth are market penetration, product development
and the other one?
Product improvement
Market saturation
Market growth
Market development
Mr. A prefers Suzuki over Toyota, because he considers Suzuki to be cheaper, faster,
more economical and reliable. The evaluation performed by Mr. A is known as:
Which one of the following environment depicts consumer purchasing power and
spending patterns?
Demographic environment
Cultural environment
Economic environment
Consumer environment
Customer Satisfaction
Customer Perceived Value
Customer Preference
Customer’s Choice
When a church targets different demographic groups to increase attendance, it is an
example of which of the following options?
Not-for-profit marketing
Mindless marketing
Ethics in marketing
Societal marketing
All of the following are included in the Porters five forces model of competition
Threats of new entrants
Bargaining Powers of competitors
Threat of substitute products
Rivalry among competing firms in industry
You purchase cleaning supplies regularly. It is showing which buying situation?
Modified rebuy
Straight rebuy
Modified straight rebuy
Consumer buy
Which of the following options refers to “New Products”?
Product modifications
Product improvements
New brands that a firm develops
All of the given options
Why is the demographic environment a major interest to marketers?
Because it involves global financing
Because it involves people and people make up markets
Because demographics involve diverse consumer products
Because demographics focus on local marketing opportunities
The major marketing research tool for gaining insights into consumer thoughts and
feelings is:
All of the given options
Focus group interviewing
Telephone interviewing
Online interviewing
Which of the following is a shortest product life cycle?
None of the given options
Business demand ultimately comes from the demand for consumer goods. This is known
as __________ demand.
Microsoft introduced new software which enhances voice chatting on the internet. Most
of the people are unaware of this software. The people who are aware of the product are
not interested in buying this software. This software is an example of:
Convenience Products
Shopping Products
Specialty Products
Unsought Products
The two dimensions of product quality are:
Level and consistency
Precision and accuracy
Level and precision
Consistency and precision
The Hispanic, African American, Asian American, and mature consumers in America are
all examples of:
Sub culture
All of the given options
Social class
When a company decides to harvest a product, what happens to the product?
Various costs are reduced
The product is eliminated
Products cannot be harvested
None of the given options
Q.Briefly describe difference between labeling and packaging?
Q.Describe the differences among culture, subculture, and social class.
Q.Explain the various sources from which Internal Data can be collected for developing
marketing information.
Q.A company has to be careful while dividing the market into various segments. Some
segments appear to be fruitful in the short run and unprofitable in the long run. Mention
various structural factors that affect long-run segment attractiveness.
Q.Cultural factors exert a broad and deep influence on consumer behavior. The marketer
needs to understand the role played by the buyer’s culture, subculture, and social class.

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