Respected sir,
I am Mcs student in Virtual University. I am my 1st semester. Today when I am taking my 4th paper of STATISTICS & PROBABILITY (STA-301) at 10am in VFSD01 campus, at that time I face a problem.
In my stat exam, university didnít allow me to use MATH TYPE application for writing the math symbols in my paper.
When I tell the examiner about it, they also said that I donít know anything about it and you just follow the instruction of paper and donít use math type.
Respected sir how we can write the math symbol without the use of MATH TYPE?
Itís impossible to do my paper without the use of MATH TYPE application, because in every short I want to write mathematic symbols but at that time I canít do this.
In our campus, MATH TYPE is installed in every computer but in my STA-301 paper this application is not allowed.

Kindly help me sir.

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