Total 18 MCQs, 5 subjective questions

All MCQs were from past papers and past quizzes’

Subjective questions

1) Define these sections section 47, section 48 under the IT ordinance 2001 (3 marks)

2) Mr. Ali is a resident of Pakistan, 1000 salary received in UK paid by the UK Company; he paid the income tax on his salary in UK. The tax treatment of Mr.ali s income in Pakistan with IT ordinance 2001, also mention the section that is applicable (3)

3) Explain the two terms with their relevant sections (5 marks)

Resident individual
Resident AOP

4) If the utility bills are paid by the employer to an employee, give the rational with the applicable section (5 marks)

5) Why the government imposes the taxes to its citizens, what element should be taken into account while formation of the tax laws (5 marks)

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