Here are the Current papers's Short Question
For past solved material
see the attachment

Here are some question which I can remember
Define the transition?
Informal Writing?
What are claims and adjustments?
Composition of business message?
Consideration regarding 7 c's 5 marks
Factors to consider during editing of a message?
MCQ's were almost from quiz and past papers

Total 17 Questions
10 MCQs
7 subjective

1. what is fomal writing? (2)
2. difference b/w simple and compound sentence (2)
3. What is AIDA? (3)
4. Define Agena and Minutes (3)
5. Describe concisseness and we can acheive conciseness (5)
6. What are strategies of Bad News? (5)
7. Difference b/w Buisness letter and Memo (5)

Paper is very simple and MCQs are mostly 4m past paperz
Remember me in ur prayerz plzzzzz

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total question 17
10 MCQS and 7 long question
1:what do you know about " adjustment request"? (2 Marks)
2: what does electronic message suit you? (2 Marks)
3: what are semantics? 3 (Marks)
4: in what ways meting minutes contribute in conducting? 3 (Marks)
5:how can one construct effective sentences and paragraphs? 5 (Marks)
6:give the guidelines for positive close in a bad message? 5 (Marks)
7: write note on " Application letters. 5 (Marks)

10 mcq 4 4rm past papers

What are the characteristics of a well organized message 2 marks

,question about meno and letter 2 marks

,What are the 3 step involved in planning a sales letter3 marks

, characteristics r most important part of correctness 3marks

,how can 1 construct effective sentences and paragraphs 5 marks

,what is biased language?explain with example 5 marks

,what is the purpose of buffer and why do we use it 5 marks

best of luck

a.o.a. every one mera aj eng 201 ka paper tha.
eng 201 today paper
10 mcqs they or baki ye
Q.11escribe briefly random list?
Q.12: what is the similarities between memo and letters?
Q.13:What are the good news and goodwill messages?
Q.14: What a business letter? enalist at least three types of business letters.
Q.15:What is the purpose of buffer and why we do use it?
Q.16:What"conciseness " and why it is important ?
Q.17:How many types of letters? Explain any three of them.