Today was my paper of socialogy....
Total 23 Question...
18 Mcqs...Mostly from past papers..
5 questions
Bureaucratic Alienation 2.5 marks
Efficiency vs. potential to dehumanize the people it is supposed to serve. The very same impersonality that fosters efficiency keeps officials and clients from responding to each other's unique, personal needs. Follow bureaucratic procedure. Bureaucratic environment gives rise to alienation where a human being is reduced to a part (cog) of big bureaucratic machinery.
Bureaucratic Inefficiency and Ritualism 2.5 marks
Red tape: The tedious preoccupation with organizational routine and procedures. Rule is a rule. Bureaucratic ritualism (Merton): Preoccupation with rules and regulations to the point of thwarting an organization's goals.

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Distribution of crime 5 marks
Computers are use for discussion on cultural diffusion...Support ur Ans with logic...3 marks
Max Webar Concept of capitalist 3 marks

SOC101 Mid Term Current Paper (Dec 2010)