Dear sir

You dont need admission in any of the university.
Nobody is perfect in the world.
But you accepted the rules and regulation imposed on you by university at exam time and you signed up.
You have to follow the university rule, University will follow your style.
If mobile phone and any device is not allowed at exam hall, you shouldnt bring it with you.
I am sorry, you behaved like a traditional Pakistani, and the university people are also Pakistani style.
So you have to suffer.
Never mind This lesson will not update you, and you will do it again.

Not very hopefull about our nation style and behavior.

Bad bye

Yes, but what part of the following is not clear?

Published On: Friday, November 12, 2010

Important Instructions: Fall 2010 Mid Term Examinations

1. For every paper, you must carry your VU Id Card and “Exam
Entrance Slip” for entering the Examination Hall.

2. You shall be responsible for any loss of examination time for
not having these documents.

3. You shall report at the Exam Center 15 minutes before the
starting time of your paper.

4. You shall not be allowed to carry a mobile phone (even in
offline mode) in the Examination Hall.

5. You must not carry any type of helping material (Hard/Soft) in
the Examination Hall.

6. You must avoid disturbing the peace in and around the Examination Hall.

7. Strict disciplinary action such as cancellation of the
paper(s) and registration of umc etc shall be taken against the

NOTE: Students entry in the examination hall will be banned 15 minutes
after the start of paper.

Respected Sir,
It is to inform you that I am student of MBA fall-2010 1st semester and today having mid term exam of MCM-301 at 10.00 am at PLHR02 campus.
Before the start of exam and logon to my LMS id. The instructor was explaining the rules and regulation defined by university. At that moment when I was switching off my cell phone after listening the instructions of invigilator, a person named “Mr.Sherazi” came to me and start shouting on me that you are not authorize to use cell phone in the exam where as I was just switching off the cell phone, and then he snitched my mobile and said that you are not allowed to appear in the Today’s exam, leave the examination hall or I will make a UMC on you. At that time, I apologized and requested him to start my paper but he did not allow me to start my exam At that time examiner from university came asked to campus instructor about the whole situation, then he asked me about all and explained every thing to him but after listening Mr.Sherazi he got annoyed and force me to sign on the paper.
I refused to do so, and then Mr.Sherazi and fellows holds my hand and snitched all that I had including my wallet, cell phone, and exam entrance slip and logs in my LMS id of exam and sign on attendance sheet by him self. Than I made a request for the refund of my things, at that he start to threaten me and make a call to higher management of Virtual University, the concerned person said to the examiner for refund the belongings and let me go. The examiners then gave me back all the belonging to me and ask to leave the center, at that time Mr. Sherazi has started abusing and refused the examiner to do so. He also kept me as hostage in the staff room to make all this as a police case. At that moment, I became a little bit violent. After the intervention of another staff member, Mr. Sherazi and examiner let me go.
When I left the campus gate a group of boys came and start abusing and shouting, smashed the front screen and head lights of my vehicle and snitched all that I have, broke my cell phone, and beat me bitterly, and all so they were discussing about all, that happened in University campus with Mr. sherazi
The FIR is in process for whole happened out side the university, here I must need to inform you that I have not visited to campus except once and I do not have any antagonist in particular area. All that I lost today will be recovered but respect for teachers have been vanished.
I am a UBL employee and took admission at VU for the improvement of my educational background. I was not culprit during the whole activity, then why Mr. Sherazi took it personal and played with a student`s future. I also want to know is that Pakistan`s top ranked University`s staff highly educated, skilled, and professional could not even control their nerves. All that I need is justice from university end. And just want to reappear in today`s exam MCM-301, and need to replace my exam center for appearing in my up coming exams.

No personal grudge to VU and any member of particular campus staff.
But hope that university management will take a strike action against for such behavior. And provide the justice to the truth.

show details Dec 6 (5 days ago)
Kia kaha ja skta hy iss sub pe Ahsn.....
ye pakistan hy...kuch bhe ho skta hy yahan...

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Sahar Mahmood
show details Dec 6 (5 days ago)
WE r proud of being a PAKISTANI.sirf chnd ghelt logon k behaviour se sari nation ka andaza kaisy lga lia ap ne?un k sath bura hua he hum manty hn lakin sari nation ka kia kasoor?kia aap PAKISTANI ni hn?aap PAKISTAN mn ni rhty?ye PAKISTAN he jahan aap azadi se rh rhy hn ap kbi kisi or country mn jyn to ap ko pata chly ap ko PAKISTAN ki ahmiat ka andaza ho.

Sahar Mahmood
show details Dec 6 (5 days ago)
A Mr kia matlib he k ye PAKISTAN he kuch b ho skta he.jahan rhty ho usi jaga ko bura kehty ho.PAKISTAN bura ni he isy aap or hum jaisy logon ne hi bura kia he.

Well Wisher
show details 3:04 PM (5 hours ago)
Mr Shirazi did well, If I were there I would have done the same thing.

Student should follow the university rules and regulation.

These Foolish Pakistani do not follow rules in Pakistan, But in other countires, they are treated like animals because of this type of behavior.

They do not wait in the queue for their turn. Over riding to others.

God Help them to update themselves and update the manners,

That all I have to say

Thank you