Telenor easy paisa is suitable for web developers and domain registrar and web hosters.
Well if someone want to transfer money then he/she can open an account to telenor easy paisa account. The charges are 60rs and they deposit 100 rs inside your account which you can use for transaction. For other work if you send 1000rs or less then 1000rs then the charges are 46rs if you transfer them from your account. If you don't transfer it from your account and go to a business center or a franchies or easy paisa shop then you have to pay 60rs. If your other patner is having same telenor easy paisa account then the 1000rs or below amount in ruppes will charge you only 36rs. So its easy and reliable transfer money mode. If you are having a account then you can receive monthly 20000rs on same identity card. IF you are having other amount like you are having no account on telenor easy paisa then you can receive only 10000rs monthly. So its the big problem who do online work in Pakistan and are student. They can not afford other payment transfer money mode.

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