Course: English Literature (1426) Semester: Spring, 2012

Level: BA/BS Total Marks: 100

Pass Marks: 40
(Units 1–4)

Q.1 In unit 1, pages 6 -7 you have read ‘Why study literature’? Read these two pages carefully and then write your opinion (at least 100 words) on:

‘Literature helps us grow personally and intellectually’. (15)

Q.2 In unit 1, pages 8 -14 you have read about ‘the different types or genres of literature’. Read these pages carefully and then answer briefly the question given on page 15. The question is as follows: (15)

What are the four types of literature? Write one main difference between each genre.

Q.3 In unit 1, page 24, we have briefly defined ‘Alliteration’ and have also given a short poem ‘My Mom’ to illustrate alliteration. Here is another short poem, underline the alliterated words. (10)

Q.4 In unit 1, pages 29 -30, you have studied ‘personification’.

i. What is personification? Define it briefly in your own words. (4)
ii. On page 30, four examples of personification are given and the first is solved for you. Write the personification of the three remaining examples which are:
· flames ate hungrily’
· ‘proud trees bent meekly’
· ‘rock lay stunning’ (2+2+2= 6)

Q.5 Read pages 47- 51 of unit 2 and page 75 of unit 3 with attention. What have you understood about ‘poetry’ from these pages? Write a brief paragraph (100 words) writing your own understanding about poetry. (10)

Q.6 In unit 2, page 58, you have studied about ‘imagery’.

i. What do you understand by the term ’imagery’? Write a brief answer defining ‘imagery’ in your own words. (10)
ii. Move on to the next page 59 and do exercise 3. Identify the imagery used in the five sentences. (5)
iii. Move on to page 60 and do exercise 4. Read the short description and then write words that appeal to the five senses. (5)

Q.7 In unit 3, exercise 4 on page 83, you are asked to answer the four questions based on the poem ‘Daffodils’. Answer the following two questions. (10)

i. Can you describe the landscape of the poem?
ii. What kind of mood does this poem bring to a reader’s mind?

Q.8 In unit 4, you have studied about the different kinds of novel. Read pages 103 – 111 and complete the following sentences with correct information as what are these writers famous for: (10)

i. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Erle Stanley Gardner writes__________novels.
ii. Margaret Mitchell is famous for writing the novel _____________ which was the kind of a ________________novel.
iii. ‘Dracula’ is the kind of __________novel written by _____________.
iv. Sir Walter Scott and Pearl S. Buck are famous for writing _____________novels.
v. ‘The Last Mughal is a kind of _________novel.
vi. ‘The Far Pavilions’ is a kind of _________novel based on ____________ history.
vii. Nathanial Hawthorne is a famous American ____________novelist.

(Units 5–9)
Total Marks: 100 Pass Marks: 40

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Q.1 You must have read unit 5 carefully and thoroughly. The unit deals with the novel ‘The Kite Runner’ by Khaled Hosseini. Answer the following questions based on the explanation about the novel given in the unit. Please note that this question demands your detailed reading of the unit and clear answers as it carries 30 marks.

i. What is the setting of the novel? In other words, where is the story mainly based or unfolds in the novel? (10)
ii. What does the novel deal with? In other words what is the main theme of the novel? (10)
iii. Who is Amir and what sort of a person do you think he is portrayed by the novelist? (10)

Q.2 Read unit 6, pages 195-196 carefully and then answer the following questions.

i. How would you define ‘Comedy’ in your own words? (5)
ii. What are the three sub-genres of comedy? (5)

Q.3 On page 200, you must have read about ‘Character’ and ‘Characterisation’. Read the brief explanation about these two and then write:

i. Why characters are important in a drama or play? (7.5)
ii. What kind of characters are ‘Static’ characters? (7.5)

Q.4 Read the “Plot Summary” of the play “Hamlet” given on pages 210- 212 in unit 7 carefully and then refer to exercise 3 given on page 214 which asks you to answer questions based on the plot summary. Answer the following questions briefly.(questions 5,12 & 17)

i. How is Hamlet described in paragraph 3? Identify the words that describe him. (5)
ii. What is one serious consequence of Polonius’s death? (5)
iii. What does Laertes do before he dies? (5)

Q.5 Read unit 8 and then write:

i. The difference between “Prose” and “Poetry”. (5)
ii. Read the short poem given on page 240 and rewrite it in form of a short prose paragraph. (10)

Q.6 In unit 8, pages 241 -244, you have read extracts from Moni Mohsin’s ‘Diary of a Social Butterfly’. We have also explained to you about what ‘Code switching’ means. Read these pages with attention and then:

i. Write a brief answer as ‘What is Code switching’? (5)
ii. Do exercise 4 on page 244 and translate the urdu words or expressions into English. (10)