Visual Programming (CS410)
Total marks = 20
Deadline Date = 03-01-2011
Please carefully read the following instructions before attempting the assignment.

Rules for Marking
It should be clear that your assignment would not get any credit if:

  • The assignment is submitted after due date.
  • The submitted assignment does not open or file corrupt.
  • The assignment is copied. Note that strict action would be taken if the submitted assignment is copied from any other student. Both students will be punished severely.

1) You should concern recommended books to clarify your concepts as handouts are not sufficient.
2) You are advised to upload your assignment at least two days before Due date.
3) Send the complete source code containing all the project files in zip format.
Important Note: Assignment comprises of one question. Note that no assignment will be accepted after due date via email in any case (whether it is the case of load shedding or emergency electric failure or internet malfunctioning etc.). Hence, refrain from uploading assignment in the last hour of the deadline, and try to upload Solution at least 02 (two) days before the assignment to avoid inconvenience later on.

For any query please contact: CS410@

Question [Marks 20]

Attached with this assignment file is a zipped folder with the name “Realease”. Both “.Zip” and “.Rar” versions are attached, you are required to execute this project and develop a similar application.


The folder contains the executable of a counter application that, have a menu. The menu contains the items “File” and “Timer”.
“File” menu contains a single submenu item with the name “Exit”.
“Timer” menu contains two submenu items with the names “Start” and “Stop”
By clicking the “Exit” menu, the application will exit.
By clicking on “Start” menu the counter starts, and clicking the “Stop” menu, the counter will be stopped.

Also note that accelerators are attached with each menu item.
A similar application has been developed in chapter 18 of the handouts; you can get help from it.


You are required to develop a similar application from scratch and send the complete folder in zipped format containing all the project files. The project will be executed and marks will be awarded to applications fulfilling the above requirements, so make sure that you send the complete project folder and no single file is missing that may cause the project, not to run, in which case Zero marks will be awarded.

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