Question # 1 of 15 ( Start time: 07:36:52 PM ) Total Marks: 1
Organizations are adopting Total Quality Management in order to:
Select correct option:

Improve the quality
Control the costs
Restructure the organization
None of the above
Question # 2 of 15 ( Start time: 07:37:49 PM ) Total Marks: 1
The basic unit of an organization is _________
Select correct option:

All of the above

Question # 3 of 15 ( Start time: 07:38:49 PM ) Total Marks: 1
In which method of job analysis there is often no opportunity to clarify the information received?
Select correct option:

Individual interview method
Group interview method
Observation method
Questionnaire method
Question # 4 of 15 ( Start time: 07:40:18 PM ) Total Marks: 1
manager whose organizational function contributes directly to the achievement of organizational objectives.
Select correct option:

HR Executives
staff manager
personnel manager
Line manager
Question # 5 of 15 ( Start time: 07:41:23 PM ) Total Marks: 1
The goal of pre-retirement educational programs is to:
Select correct option:

Improve job satisfaction
Increase employee commitment
Ease the transition from working life to retirement
Minimize medical claims from retirees

Question # 6 of 15 ( Start time: 07:42:47 PM ) Total Marks: 1
The hiring process comprises which of the following steps?
Select correct option:

Selection, Orientation & Development

Job analysis, Selection & Training

Selection, Recruitment & performance appraisals

Recruitment, Selection & Socialization

Question # 7 of 15 ( Start time: 07:44:03 PM ) Total Marks: 1
According to which of the following interview type, several applicants are being interviewed by one or more company representatives?
Select correct option:

One-to-one interview

Panel interview

Group interview

Stress interview

Question # 8 of 15 ( Start time: 07:44:40 PM ) Total Marks: 1
___________________ managers develop organizational wide goals.
Select correct option:

First-line level

Question # 9 of 15 ( Start time: 07:45:23 PM ) Total Marks: 1
Which aspect of human resource management is concerened with the collective bargaining of labor union?
Select correct option:

Stockholder relations
Industrial relations
Personnel relations
Employee relations
Question # 10 of 15 ( Start time: 07:46:15 PM ) Total Marks: 1
Individual career development depends on
Select correct option:

Job performance

Growth opportunities

Key subordinates

All of the given above

Question # 11 of 15 ( Start time: 07:47:34 PM ) Total Marks: 1
Which of the following defines the process of 'Recruitment'?
Select correct option:

Forecasting the demand of human resources

Forecasting the supply of human resources

Discovering potential job candidates for a particular position

Making a “hire” or “no hire” decisions

Question # 12 of 15 ( Start time: 07:48:41 PM ) Total Marks: 1
Job description concentrates on which of the following aspects?
Select correct option:

KSA of an individual
Job duties & responsibilities
Job worth in an organization
All of the given options

Question # 13 of 15 ( Start time: 07:50:08 PM ) Total Marks: 1
Socialization process of newly hired employees is usually conducted by:
Select correct option:

Marketing department
HR department
Accounts department
All of the given options

Question # 14 of 15 ( Start time: 07:51:40 PM ) Total Marks: 1
Which of the following HR activity is the basic element of recruitment?
Select correct option:

Attract the job applicants for the particular post
Select the best one among all applicants
Train the people as per organizational requirements
Fire the non-performing employees
Question # 15 of 15 ( Start time: 07:52:59 PM ) Total Marks: 1
The general goal of QWL program is
Select correct option:

satisfy the employee needs
employee Retention
making workplace more pleasant
All of given option

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