Your name number is Two (2)

The number Two is ruled by the Moon. This number brings a peacemaking energy, emotional receptiveness, and a genuine need to create harmony and balance. Those with the number Two have natural tendencies toward cooperation, being a team player, and diplomacy. They are truly friendly, have great personal magnetism, and people intuitively know they are a good person to have as a friend, so they make friends whereever they go. Others appreciate them for being gentle, intuitive, content, and peaceful. It is important for those with the number Two to have a beautiful home and to participate in some way in the fine arts (music, dance, cinema, etc.) as these help renew the spirit. Those with Two bring Light to others through their sense of humor. They are skilled in negotiation and are naturally persuasive. They are capable of helping others to create win-win arrangements as they care about all sides in a situation. They may have teaching abilities and some gift with sales. People respect their honesty. Travel is good for those with the number Two. It is necessary for those with this number to be optimistic and never succumb to self-pity or depression. Yogic practices will be very helpful in warding off negativity and strengthening inner joy. When faced with indecision, they should meditate and wait for clarity.

Numbers play a vital role in your life, can you imagine forecasting the future on the basis of Numbers, or know about the ups and downs that will come your way.

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Imagine getting up and starting your day in a world without numbers. Like many things, we take numbers for granted. From time to time Mr. Waseem Jaffry has challenged his friends to go through their day without using numbers. No. You can't lie in bed all day. The trick is to carry on a normal day and not use number. Don't look at your clock or wristwatch upon rising. Don't turn on your radio or television set most of all Don't call anyone.

When you leave home don't buy a newspaper pan or cigarettes. Don't get on a bus, taxi, rickshaw or drive to work. Don't ride on elevator or climb floors or keep the important appointment. Get the point?

Before the day is over you will use a number or set of numbers to make decisions that will influence you. For instance, what is your address number? What number bus or train will you take to travel, shop or work today? When you are at home this evening, what channel numbers on your T.V. Will you watch? Numbers are interwoven in our everyday speech-"One of kind", "a two timer", "working 9 to 5", "hitting the number", "Prize Bond number" etc. Numbers are all around us - in money (numbers expressed in Rupees), a paycheck, an Identity Card, even a house number. They are expressed in every form imaginable.

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