Assignment No. 02 Marks: 15
“Case Study”
Zeeshan was born in a milk man’s home 20 years ago. He has three brothers and two
sisters living in a typical middle class house. His father has 15 milking units (Buffalos & Cows)
which provide living for him and his medium size family. Zeeshan fortunately won a contract of
milk supply to a multinational company 5 years ago when used to buy milk at the rate of Rs. 30
Per litre at a normal profit for Zeeshan’s father. Supplying milk to multinational company
is a certain business but it provides no growth opportunity.
Zeeshan completed his studies MBA from VU Pakistan in 2009. Instead of going for a
job, Zeeshan preferred to join his father’s business soon after the completion of studies.
After joining business, Zeeshan very quickly learnt the mechanics of business. His
understanding of the supply chain enlightened him that only those could grow in the
current competitive world who serves the final market with a strong brand. Zeeshan also
learnt that multinational company, whom they were supplying milk, sold one litre of milk
at Rs. 60 per litre after packaging and processing the milk.
His limited research shows that middle class families are not satisfied from the price and
quality of unbranded milk due to different seasons. Being motivated for growth based on
all his findings, Zeeshan decided to reshape his current business into a fresh branded milk
business which could supply milk to middle income households in nearby towns. To be
on the safe side Zeeshan cut 50% milk supply to multinational company with a plan to
abandon it if his new idea works.
Zeeshan needs your help in following areas:
Question # 01: Suggest a suitable pricing strategy for Zeeshan’s business.
Question # 02: How can Zeeshan position and differentiate his brand in the

minds of customers?

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