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Activity 1 5 Marks
Read the information given below and arrange it in inverted pyramid style in a way
that it gives the look of a complete news story. Also suggest a suitable headline to it.
􀂃 Pakistan's government blames Baloch insurgents for such attacks, who have
blown up gas pipelines, railway lines and electricity lines in the past. They have
also attacked army bases and government buildings
􀂃 Gas pipeline in southwestern Balochistan province blown up by unknown people
􀂃 Officials said that repair of the pipeline has been started and it will take some time
to restore the supply
􀂃 Gas supply partially disrupted
􀂃 Pipelines are targeted regularly in this gas-rich province where tribal groups are
pushing for greater autonomy.
􀂃 It caused a damage of three-foot pipeline
􀂃 Location is at Akhtar Abad area of Quetta, as per spokesman for the Sui Southern
Gas company
􀂃 Officials suspect tribal rebels were behind the incident.
􀂃 As per police officer it was blown with the help of explosive material
􀂃 It disrupted gas supply to some areas in Quetta and other parts of the province.
􀂃 The pipeline caught fire after the blast and fire fighters were called who
controlled the blaze after some time.
􀂃 No information about the responsible persons up till now.
Activity 2 5 Marks
Eliminate the unnecessary words from the following sentences.
1. The T-shirts were free of charge to the first 50 customers.
2. The contractor did a totally complete job on the renovation.
3. The airline faced a crisis situation after the crash.
4. The mayor flatly rejected the ordinance.
5. Police said the armed gunman was caught near the bank.
Activity 3 5 Marks
Words with different meanings often look or sound similar. As a journalist, you
should be familiar with these words and use them correctly. Cross out the wrong
words in the following sentences, leaving only the correct ones.
1. The (cite/sight/site) chosen by the City for (its/its) new office building could
(affect/effect) parking in that part of town.
2. The United States army general was able to (envelop/envelope) the enemy in
(fewer/less) than 24 hours, capturing (more than/over) 7,000 soldiers (who/whom/which)
were (than/then) disarmed.
3. The fire (marshall/marshal) said it will cost (about/around) 100,000 dollars to repair
the apartment complex, where a dozen (people/persons) lived before Fridays fire
(burnt/burned) most of the building.
4. The elementary school (principal/principle) said Mister Smith is a man of high
(principal/principle) and deserves the (reward/award) as teacher of the year.
5. The (blond/blonde) girl (complimented/complemented) her friend on the new shoes
(that/which) she bought on sale for just ten dollars.

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