Below is the information about the cancordia university Canada that a person who want's to get admission MCS(Masters in Computer Science). He may follow the following rules to get good grades on it.
The below information is taken from the given link for taking admission in concordia university Canada

This program is designed to provide students with an opportunity to strengthen their knowledge in a specific area of computer science, and to provide a significant introduction to research.
Potential students in this program include graduates from other disciplines with good computer science background or computer science graduates who want to further their knowledge and do research in one of the specific areas of computer science. It will appeal primarily to the student interested in full-time study.
Students graduated from cognate disciplines such as mathematics, electrical and computer engineering who have done computer science core courses may apply.
Graduates of the program will be prepared for further study at the doctoral level; occupations in research and development in business, industry, and government; consulting and design in the field of information processing systems; and teaching of computer science.
Degree Requirements

  • Credits: A fully qualified candidate is required to complete successfully a minimum of 45 credits. Each individual program of study must be approved by the department.
  • Completion: Normally a full-time student will require six terms to complete the degree requirements.
  • Transfer Credit: Students may be granted transfer credits for, in general, not more than 8 credits taken in approved graduate studies prior to their entry in this program. A course submitted for transfer credit must be appropriate to the student's program of study at Concordia University. An application for such credit will be considered only at the time of admission.
  • Cross-Registration: A student in the program wishing to take courses under the cross-registration scheme outlined in the graduate calendar must first obtain permission of the graduate program director.
  • Time Limit: All work for a master's/magisteriate degree for full-time students must be completed within 12 terms (4 years) from the time of initial registration in the program at Concordia University; for part-time students the time limit is 15 terms (5 years).
  • Thesis: Students must complete a 29-credit thesis as part of their degree requirements. The thesis must represent the results of the student's independent work after admission to the program. The proposed topic for the thesis, together with a brief statement outlining the proposed method of treatment, and the arrangement made for faculty supervision must be approved by the graduate studies committee. For purposes of registration, this work will be designated as COMP 7941 Master's Research and Thesis. The thesis will be evaluated by the student's supervisor(s), and at least two examiners appointed by the graduate studies committee. Students who are admitted before June 1, 2001 may take COMP 7921.


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Students must complete 45 credits as shown below:

  • Minimum of 16 credits of courses.
  • A minimum of 8 credits must be chosen from Topic Areas C01 through C08.
  • Any remaining credits may be chosen from Topic Areas C09 (Software Engineering), C12 (Cognate Disciplines), or COMP 6961.
  • A maximum of 4 credits can be chosen from computer science courses at the 6000 level marked with (*).
  • The studentís study program must be approved by the supervisor(s) and either the Graduate Program Director or the Department Chair.
  • Thesis 29 credits.

The student's study program must be approved by the supervisor(s) and either the Graduate Program Director or the Department Chair.