“Management styles”
The four management styles---Autocratic, Consultative, Participative and Laissez faire are
observed at workplace settings and every manager has to adopt the supervisory style according
to the need of situation.
Q1. You are supposed to determine the management style that each response represents.
Your employed crew seems to be developing well. Their need for close supervision is
diminishing. Do you:
A. Stop directing and overseeing performance, unless there is problem.________
B. Spend time getting to know them personally, but make sure they maintain performance
C. Make sure things keep going well; continue to direct and oversee closely._________
D. Begin to discus new tasks of interest to them._____________
Q2. Identify the most appropriate style from the above four management styles to supervise
the employees and also provide justification to choose that particular style?
5 marks (maximum words limit =40 to 50 words)

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