Dear Students,
We hope that you have started internship in an organization according to your specialization field. It will help you in developing the skills to apply theoretical concepts onto practical work situations. Moreover, it provides an opportunity to test your aptitude in a particular field prior to starting a job on permanent basis.
According to the requirements of this course, you have to submit an internship report on that organization where you are doing or have done internship against Assignment # 01 which will be opened two weeks prior to the submission date of internship report (see semester calendar). Internship Report should be prepared according to the updated format of internship report available in Downloads section as well as Lesson 06 of the VULMS of this course.
Do not skip any part of internship report as all parts are important and will be considered while evaluating internship report however, “Training Program” and “Ratio Analysis” are of extreme importance.
You are advised to read all the guidelines/instructions thoroughly which are uploaded on VULMS of your course, and follow them carefully so that you will be able to extract and gather sufficient information from the organization. The information will be helpful in writing your internship report according to the given format.

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