Today's Paper

Q1: Write down the general syntax of switch statement. 2 Marks

Q2: Why we close a file after use? 2 Marks

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Q3: When a pointer is incremented then how many bytes will it move to change its address?
2 Marks

Q4: If there are 2n element in an array then what would be the number of iterations required to search a number using binary and linear search? 3 Marks

Q5: write down the functions definition if we want to pass the argument to a function by reference without changing the values stored at address. 5 Marks

Q6: What will be the output of the following code segment 5 Marks

, int x= 6;
int y;
x = x << 1;
y = x >> 1;
cout << x = << x << \n;
cout << y = << y;