Total Marks = 20
Your assignment must be uploaded / submitted before or on January 31, 2011.
Upload Instructions
Please view the assignment submission process document provided to you by the
Virtual University.
Rules for Marking
Please note that your assignment will not be graded if:
It is submitted after due date
The file you uploaded does not open
The file you uploaded is copied from someone else or from internet
It is in some format other than .doc
The assignment has been designed to enable you develop the understanding about the transport protocols and network address translation.
Note: Material that is an exact copy from handouts or internet would be graded
zero marks. Your solution should consist of the material found through different sources and written in your own words.
Assignment Statements:
Q1. Differentiate between internet protocol and transport protocol with the help of examples.
(10 Marks)
Q2. Describe the pros and cons of NAT?
(10 Marks)

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