No. VU/Reg/918
Dated: May 22, 2008




1. In these Regulations, unless there is anything repugnant to the VU Ordinance in the subject or context:
(a) “Controller of Examinations” means “Controller of Examinations, Virtual University of Pakistan”.
(b) “Examination” means “Examination conducted by Virtual University of Pakistan”.
(c) “Examination Center” means “the place designated by the University for holding an examination”.
(d) “Overseas Student” means “a student enrolled with Virtual University of Pakistan, living and receiving VU education and/or appearing for its examination in a foreign country”.
(e) “Registrar” means “the Registrar, Virtual University of Pakistan”.
(f) “University" means “Virtual University of Pakistan”, commonly abbreviated as “VU”.

2. All other expressions shall have the same meanings for which they are used in the context.


1. The Examinations shall be held on the place and dates notified by the Controller of Examinations. However, the Controller of Examinations may make variations in these dates with the approval of the Rector, VU as and when necessary.

3. The dates of examinations fixed shall not be changed except under exceptional circumstances.

4. The examination shall consist of electronic papers, take home tests, viva-voce related to thesis/ dissertation/ internship/ project as provided for the course concerned.

5. Viva-Voce for thesis/dissertation/ internship/ project shall be held as per rules for the concerned programme.

6. In keeping with the Academic Calendar, notified at the initiation of a semester, the date sheet for examinations will be normally notified ten days before the commencement of an examination.


a) A student studying within Pakistan who intends to travel outside the country shall have to obtain prior permission from the Registrar to change his/her status (either at campus or at home) as well as from the Controller of Examinations for the change of his/her Exam Centre.
b) An overseas student during his/her stay in a foreign country shall appear in the examination on the scheduled time and date from the Overseas Centre only.

c) An overseas student during his/her visit to Pakistan shall be required to change his/her student status (either at campus or at home) and shall appear in the examination on the scheduled time and date at a VU designated Exam Centre within Pakistan only.

d) Misstatement and concealment of any fact such as appearing in examination from an unknown place (i.e. from home/ any other place not designated by VU) shall be considered as an attempt to use unfair means and shall thus be liable to disciplinary proceedings under the relevant VU Rules which may lead to cancellation of University admission or/and any other prescribed punishment.


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If a candidate’s Exam file/ Answer-Script is lost, he/she may be permitted to reappear in that Paper on a date to be fixed by the Controller of Examinations. In the case of a dispute as to whether the candidate’s Exam file/ Answer-Script was duly received or not, the decision of the Controller of Examinations shall be final.


In their own interest the students are advised to desist from the following practices. The defaulters shall be dealt with under the University disciplinary rules.
i) Use of unfair means in solving a question;
ii) Communication with other examinees;
iii) Use of abusive language or threats;
iv) Creating disturbance in the center; and
v) Assaulting or attempting to assault any member of the Exam Supervisory Staff.

Registrar, VU