Solve the following assignment problem in order to minimize the total cost. The cost matrix is given below gives the assignment cost when different operators are assigned to various machines.

machines operators
A 30 25 33 35 36
B 23 29 38 23 26
C 30 27 22 22 22
D 25 31 29 27 32
E 27 29 30 24 32


A local bank has only one data entry operator. As the task of data entry varies in length (number of pages to be typed), the typing rate is randomly distributed approximating a Poisson distribution with mean service rate of 8 letters per hour. The letters arrive at a rate of 5 per hour during the entire 8-hour work day. If the operator is valued at Rs. 100 per hour then determine,

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1) Equipment utilization
2) The percent time that an arriving letter has a wait.
3) Average system time
4) Average cost due to waiting on the part computer i-e it remains idle.