Which of the following financial instruments used primarily as store of value?
Options Stocks Home mortgage Bonds
If the annual interest rate is 6%, the price of a 1-year Treasury bill with $100 face value would be:
$94.00 $94.33 $95.25 $96.10
Mark borrows $8,000 and then repays $8,600 to ABC bank. What is the amount of interest in this payment?
$600 $500 $400 $100
Combination of term life insurance and a savings account is called as __________.
Term life insurance Whole life insurance Group life insurance None of the given option One argument for an independent central bank is:
Without independence competent people would not take a position in a central bank
Successful monetary policy requires a long time horizon usually well beyond the next election of most public officials
Politicians have a long-run focus that is not well tuned to addressing economic problems
Central bankers have a short run focus that usually corrects problems faster
he concept of limited liability says a stockholder of a corporation:
Is liable for the corporation's liabilities, but nothing more
Cannot receive dividends that exceed their investment
Cannot own more than fiver percent of any public corporation
Cannot lose more than their investment
Which of the following is included in the government-sponsored enterprise?
Small and Medium Enterprise (SME)
House Building Finance Corporation (HBFC)
Khushhali Bank
All of the given options
Sum of all the probabilities should be equal to which one of the following?
Zero One Two Three
An increase in the expected inflation shifts the bond demand to the _________.
Right Left No change All of the given options
A typical bank will offer ________ type/s of checking accounts.
Only one type Two types Four types Six or more types
Which of the following is NOT a depository financial institution?
Credit Union Savings and Loan Commercial bank Life Insurance Company
Economic development measured by
Real GDP/population Real GDP/ nominal GDP Real GDP/Real GNP None of above
The slope of the yield curve seems to predict the performance of the economy with:
Usually 3 months lag Usually two years lag Usually within few weeks Usually one year lag
The current yield on a $10,000, 5% coupon bond selling for $8,000 is:
5.00% 6.25% 7.50% 8.00%
When stock prices reflect fundamental values:
ll investors will experience capital gains
All companies will have an easier task of obtaining financing for investment projects
The allocation of resources will be more efficient
The overall level of the stock market should move higher continuously
.STA 630
Which of the following can be referred as semantic analysis?03224996877
Latent Coding Accretion Count Behaviors Intensity
A Literature review that summarizes what is known at a point in time is known as:
Systematic literature review Integrative review Historical review Narrative literature review
All of these are characteristics of scientific methods of research except, it is;
Cumulative Deterministic Deterministic
The group that receives the experimental treatment condition is the _____.
The group that receives the experimental treatment condition is the _____.
Experimental group Control group Participant group Independent group
Which of the following questions might invade the privacy of a research participant
How long have you worked for this organisation?
How long have you worked for this organisation?
What is your home address? What is your home address? What do you think about your direct line manager?
What happened during your last performance appraisal?

What is the final step of a scientific investigation?
Analyze data
Collect data
Report the findings
Determine whether the hypothesis was supported
Which of the following is an example of value-free research?
Conscious favor
Sympathy for the loser
Unstructured interviewing
None of the given options
The facts that should be collected to measure a variable, depend upon the
Conceptual understanding
Dictionary meaning
Operational definition
All of the above
What does it mean if two variables have a positive correlation?
As one variable increases, so does the other
As one variable increases, the other decreases
The correlation between the two variables is 0
The correlation between the two variables is greater than 1.0
The study of research methods provides you with the knowledge and skills you need
To solve the problem
To improve the decision-making process
To understand the research of others
All of the given options
Why is it important to change one variable at a time in single case designs?
Changing one variable allows isolation of the cause of the change
Changing more than one variable at a time confounds those independent variables
Both a and b are true
None of the above
According to Empiricism, which of the following is the ultimate source of all our concepts and knowledge?
Sensory experience
Logics and arguments
A study that involves no researcher intervention is called __________.
An experimental study
An observational study
A quasi-experimental study
A non involvement study
Which of the following occurs when one partial replicate the initial bivariate relationship but other partials do not?
Replication pattern
Specification pattern
Suppressor variable pattern
Negative linear relationship
Ms. Laiba has decided to use the test at the end of the textbook to measure the achievement levels of the students in her study. Which of the following BEST describes the chapter test?
Operationalized variable
The researcher protects the confidentiality in following ways, Except;
‘Obtaining signed nondisclosure documents.
Restricting access to data instruments where the respondent is identified.
Disclosure of data subsets.
Restricting access to respondent identification.
Which of the following is a measure in which the researcher captures the intensity, direction, level, or potency of a variable construct?
Control for a third variable makes a:
One variable table.
Bivariate table.
Trivariate table.
None of the above.

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If a nominal scale is used, it is permissible to calculate which of the following statistics?