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Under which of the following term, newly hired employees are guided about what they are supposed to do?
Job analysis
Job summary
Job specification
Job description

Q) Supervisor has deducted some ratio of Ahsan’s salary on the basis of his late arrivals at the workplace for multiple days. But Ahsan is remained uninformed about this deduction. Evaluate the supervisor’s action as per due process.
Q2) Is it necessary for a leader to be best performer among all?
Q3) Elaborate the statement as per your understanding; “Providing benefits to the employees will enhance their performance”.
Q4) In populous countries like Pakistan where large number of workforce is available, why organizations put extra efforts to get the best candidate?
Q5) You are the president of a firm specialized in providing training to overseas candidates. You are required to discuss any three important aspects which must be addressed in such training programs.
Q6) The management takes a decision to immediately terminate an employee whose degree has been found fake during the verification process. What will be the impact of this decision on other employees?

Q7) Can "pay for performance" be applicable to the employees of NGOs?

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