Yesterday i had two papers HRM611 and HRM624. My centre was Rizwan
Plaza, Islamabad. I found the behaviour of VU Invigilators very rude
and non-cooperative. Stuents were not allowed to bring mobiles and if
those who did so were not allowed to sit in exams. They requested the
invigilators that they will switch off their phones and rather will
put switched-off phone infront of their tables or administration take
these set and return after the examination. But invigilators and
adminstrator kept insisting not to bring mobiles with u in any status
switched on or switched off and can leave or drop their set outside
the hall where ever they wish. The boys and girls who were not on
their cars had only option left to drop their sets anywhere relying of
their luck to get these back or not.

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Secondly, when some students during the exams asked for water, they
simply refused it that if some one want to have water should bring
with him, we (vu) dont have such facility....?????? This is VU and its