There were 56 MCQs out of 64 questions. The descriptive questions were as follows:

Question no. 57 (Marks 3)

What are opportunities and threats? explain briefly with the help of two examples of each

Question no. 58 (Marks 3)

what are the best strategy The firm falling in Quadrant IV of Grand Strategy Matrix?

Question no. 59 (Marks 3)

What is the stock ownership of employees ?

Question no. 60 (Marks 3)

Define contingency plans?

Question no. 61 (Marks 5)

what is the role of financial ratios in internal audit?

Question no. 62 (Marks 5)

What is the SMART criteria in annual objectives?

Question no. 64 (Marks 5)

Discuss the activities that can help an organization to reduce cost.

Question no. 57 (Marks 3)

In which circumstances, cost- leader producers will bring effectiveness in industry?

Question no. 58 (Marks 3)

Define concentric diversification. In what conditions you would suggest an organization to pursue this strategy?

Question no. 59 (Marks 3)

What is Marketing mix? Name the factor components of marketing mix.

Question no. 60

(Marks 3)

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What is corporate-level objectives? Write two statements exemplifying these objectives.

Question no. 61

(Marks 5)

Write some potential problems associated with using quantitative criteria for evaluating strategies.

Question no. 62

(Marks 5)

Identify any five questions arises while

developing a revised EFE matrix for,

Reviewing the underlying bases of an organization's strategy.

Question no. 64

(Marks 5)

Write some of the advantages of diversified workforce within an organization.

1. QSPM requires intuitive judgments and educated assumptions. Discuss.?(5 marks)

2. strategy-evaluation system related question but new ( not from past papers) (5 marks)

3. importance of Market position for organization (5 marks)

4. Suggest that what can be the best way to overcome individuals' resistance to change while taking corrective actions. (3 marks)

5. Discuss any three guidelines that can be used to determine whether a firm should conduct R&D internally or externally (3 marks)

6. customer orientation and declaration of attitude. Discuss it by keeping in mind mission statement. (5 marks)