1-What is the last thing you need to do before you get ready to distribute your document?
All of the above

2-Feasibility reports are used:
► To analyze problems and predict practical alternatives.
► To control problems, sell products and services.
► To monitor and control production, sales, shipping, etc.
To solve problems and supply facts.

3-Which phrase is used during a presentation?
► Thanks for giving me a hand.
Thank you very much for your time today.
► Thank you for your quick response.
Thank you for your corporation.

4-Claim letter is also called:
► Transmittal letter
► Credit refusing letter
Adjustment letter
Complaint letter

5-If your message is specific, definite and vivid; which of the following principle
has been applied?
► Completeness
► Correctness27
► Conciseness

6-Which of the following suggests the following statement? "First group the ideas and then put them in sequence."
Revising a message
Editing a message
Organizing a message
Planning a message
7-Which of the following significantly improves the interest of a presentation?
Visual aids
8-What is meant by task-facilitating roles?
Suggesting decision-making procedures that will move the
group towards the goal
Drawing out other members by showing verbal support
Offering to yield on a point in the interest of reaching mutually acceptable
Drawing out other members by showing verbal and non verbal support,
praise or agreement

9-How many elements are found in conventional superstructure for instructions?

10-AIDS stands for:
Attention Immunodeficiency Syndrome
Acquired Implement System
Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
Attention Implement System

11-Choose the correct sentence.
A friendly-little dog is all I need for company.
A friendly little dog is all I need for company.
A friendly, little dog is all I need for company.
A friendly; little dog is all I need for company.

12-Choose the sentence with the correct comma placement.
We will grant you immunity, if you decide to cooperate with us.
We will grant you immunity, if you decide, to cooperate with us.
We will grant you immunity if you decide, to cooperate with us.
We will grant you immunity if you decide to cooperate with us.

13-Software functional specs usually contain:
Assumptions, resources
Cost target, Maintenance
A & b - correct
Orientation specs and Functional specs

14-Which of the following messages aim to influence audiences who are inclined to
resist, so they depend heavily on strategic planning?
Considerate messages
Courteous messages
Informative messages
Persuasive messages

15-Choose the sentence with the correct comma placement.
You are I am sure, telling the truth.
You are I am sure telling, the truth.
You are, I am sure, telling the truth.
You are, I am sure telling the truth.

1: What does mean a trite expression? 2 marks
2: A question was fill in the blanks with proper transitional word.the sentence was like
First line telling about ancient customs of china. The spring season,-----------------, marks the celebrations of ancient new year in china.
(I used “Therefore” whats correct I dnt noe. :S)
3: What are Proposals? 2 marks
Answer: In a proposal, identify a specific problem and state how you
will solve that problem. Most organizations rely on successful proposal
writing for their continued existence. You will most likely spend a
major part of your professional life writing proposals
Proposal Structure:
• Front matter
• Body
• Introduction
• Technical approach
• Management requirements
• Work plan
• End matter
4: How to construct a pie chart? 2
5: How do Visual Aids support your arguments? Marks 3
Use your visual aids to maintain and revive audience interest. Visual
aids, especially those involving color and movement, are much better at
getting back the audience’s attention than any words you may have for
them. Keep going, and things usually get better. Things usually get
better, and your audience will silently be wishing you success.

6: What is lack of information? 3 marks
Lack of Information:
If it is the result of poor research, then you will have to stop writing and do more
information gathering. If you find yourself doing this often, you might correctly
guess that you have a problem in defining your communication purpose.

7: What is an “Empirical Research Report”? 3 marks
Superstructure for Empirical research Reports: To answer the readers
typical questions about empirical research reports, writers use a
substructure that has the following elements.
• Introduction
• Objectives of research
• Methods Results
• Discussion
• Conclusions
8: What rae the Modify verbs? 3 marks
9: How does Editing help to improve a document? 5
To re-structure the leaflets, manuals, standard letters or customer
service letters, to make them concise, clear and effective.
Editing gives documents an indispensable proofreading tool that not
only catches plagiarism, grammar and style mistakes, but also delivers
instructional feedback that serves to make students better writers.

10: What are the Tables in Visual aids? 5 marks

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11: How to make persuasive speaking during a presentation? What’s its imp?
12: How to plan an interview? 5 marks

13: What are Two types of the preliminary outlines? How preliminary outlines help in preparing a report? 5 marks