Total 40 MCQ'S and 12 Questions

1. Why we use string functions in JavaScript?
2. Explain function arguments with the help of an example?
3. Write the steps to sort an un-sorted list.
4. Discuss any two situations which show non-ethical behavior?
5. Define the anchor tag with the help of example.
6. What are Trojan Horses ?
7. What Is the restriction to use in line in a function
8. Define anchor tag
9. Write down three advantages of using Functions in a program.
10. In JavaScript, what is event handling? What are the two types of events?
11. What is the mistake in the following coding
12. Student=new array(10)
what is database??? (2)
what is trojan horse??? (3)
flow chart is a form of algorithem....explain???? (2)
what is program methodology>??? (2)
3D rendering??? (2)
what do u mean by FTP???? (3)
user requirements in software lifestyle??? (3)
who is computer professional??? (3)
what are ordered lists??? give codes with tabular representation??? (5)
duty n profit for an architect?? (5)
function argguments??? (5)
aik java ki coding ka tha,,,,, (5)

WHy we use javascript?
write names of phases of DoS attack.
Errors occur in developing program? write names
in which situation we use inline event handling?
what are the properties , method and event handling of image java script?
write names of 5 key characteristics of internet?
A ⊕ B = A'.B' + A'.B wrong or right? prove it by truth table..
why we use string function in javascript?
What is the mistake in the following coding
student=new array(10)
Local and global variable?
Write the names of DOS attack. 2Marks

Write html format to include GIF and JPG images in webpage 2Marks

Differentiate between tags 2 Marks
Who array are implemented in java script 2 Marks

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Who we can define pixel 3 marks

What is the preferred organizational structure for the organization 3Marks

Differentiate between onFocus and onBlur 3 Marks

What are three basic components of system softwere 3 Marks

Advantages and disadvantages of client-side scripting 5Marks

Briefly describe for layout of presentation 5Marks

Who many members are there in business development team? briefly describe the responsibilities and profile of their 5Marks

Explain the function of + operator with the help of example 5