As usally 40 objectives like multipule choice...but multichoice was tough...
Question no1: Name Of two types of data dictionries?marks of 2
Question no2: Write the main function of volitile storage memory? marks of 2
Question no3:Write the two Recovery Manger decide that which transaction sholud be redo or should be ignored? marks of 2
Question no4:in which situation it required to use join?marks of 2
Question no 5:Name of Three Important view types? marks of 3
Question no 6:What do you know about "opration maintaince of data base? marks of 3
Question no7:what can be consequence if a deadlock problem is not solved for long? marks of 3
one or two question was change the syntax?
Question no 8 :defirrniate between data administrator and database administrator? marks of 5
Question no 9:any two diffrence between delete table and trunacate table? marks of five
Question no 10: what is the basic syntax of creating a unique Index?marks of 5
Question no 11:what objective can be achived with the help of locking porotocol?marks of 5...

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