• Write two extremes of Tech.Arch Design?which is better (2 marks)
  • Q what are the advantages of Bit Mapped Index?
  • Q What is the disadvantage of Bit Mapped Index?
  • PROS AND CONS OF K MEANS clustering?
  • How page dimension captures the static and dynamic nature of different web
    Difference between estimation and projection?
  • Do you think it will create the problem of non-standardized attributes, if one source uses 0/1 and second source uses 1/0 to store male/female attribute respectively? Give a reason to support your answer.
  • Methods to develop DWH?
  • What are seven steps for extracting data using the SQL server DTS wizard? Explain Analytic Applications Development Phase of Analytic Applications Track of Kimballís Model?
  • issues of data cleansing and acquiring of Agri-Data warehouse.
  • Describe reverse proxy
  • Seven steps to load data vai SQL using DTS wizard (kch aesa he tha)
  • 5 tech for de normalization (names)

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