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Thread: Mgt502 Organizational behavior Unsolved current mcq's fall 2010 on 17/02/2011

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    Mgt502 Organizational behavior Unsolved current mcq's fall 2010 on 17/02/2011

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    Question # 1 of 15 ( Start time: 12:43:52 PM ) Total Marks: 1
    Once implementation feedback informs organization members that the intervention is sufficiently in place, which of the following feedback begins?
    Select correct option:
    Diagnosis feedback

    Evaluation feedback
    Reliability feedback
    Institutionalization feedback
    MC080202140 : WAQAR NAEEM

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    Question # 2 of 15 ( Start time: 12:44:47 PM ) Total Marks: 1
    Which of the following problem is associated with external practitioners of organization development?
    Select correct option:
    Unfamiliarity with internal culture and technologies used
    Lack of specialized skills
    Lack of objectivity
    Lack of degree of influence and status in client system

    Question # 3 of 15 ( Start time: 12:45:51 PM ) Total Marks: 1
    At individual level diagnosis, “individual effectiveness” is the component of:
    Select correct option:
    Design component
    Question # 4 of 15 ( Start time: 12:46:16 PM ) Total Marks: 1
    Sustained planned change requires which of the following change to be incorporated in organization?
    Select correct option:
    Structural change
    Cultural change
    Change in vision
    Change in mission
    Question # 5 of 15 ( Start time: 12:47:01 PM ) Total Marks: 1
    Total quality management is the most recent and comprehensive approach to:
    Select correct option:
    Employee involvement
    Employee commitment
    Performance management
    Employee intervention
    Question # 6 of 15 ( Start time: 12:48:15 PM ) Total Marks: 1
    “Form a steering committee” is the application of:
    Select correct option:
    Parallel structure
    Employee involvement
    Union-Management Project
    Matrix organization
    Question # 7 of 15 ( Start time: 12:49:11 PM ) Total Marks: 1
    Which one of the following activities involves in “motivating change” for effective change management?
    Select correct option:
    Creating readiness for change
    Describe the core ideology
    Assessing change agent power
    Activity planning
    Question # 8 of 15 ( Start time: 12:49:40 PM ) Total Marks: 1
    ________ activity involves identifying key people and groups whose commitment is needed for change to occur and formulating a strategy for gaining their support.
    Select correct option:
    Commitment planning
    Activity planning
    Desired future state
    Identify key stakeholders
    Question # 9 of 15 ( Start time: 12:49:56 PM ) Total Marks: 1
    “Retaining only useful members” is an example of which of the following?
    Select correct option:
    Individual unfreezing
    System unfreezing
    Interpersonal unfreezing
    None of the given options
    Question # 10 of 15 ( Start time: 12:50:31 PM ) Total Marks: 1
    In which of the following approach, mangers try to overcome specific problems such as apathy and general lack of member’s interest?
    Select correct option:
    Team building
    Human resource building
    Training sessions
    Group formation
    Question # 11 of 15 ( Start time: 12:51:15 PM ) Total Marks: 1
    As an OD consultant you have fear of unpredictable outcome of OD practices. This fear gets stronger in which of the following situations?
    Select correct option:
    Entering stage when the consultant is external
    Entering stage when the consultant is internal
    Contracting stage when the consultant is external
    Contracting stage when the consultant is internal
    Question # 12 of 15 ( Start time: 12:51:30 PM ) Total Marks: 1
    ________ concerns the extent to which a measure represents the “true” value of a variable; that is, how accurately the operational definition translates data into information.
    Select correct option:
    Alpha change
    Question # 13 of 15 ( Start time: 12:51:39 PM ) Total Marks: 1
    The pathfinder practitioner focuses on all of the following processes essential for effective organization performance EXCEPT:
    Select correct option:
    Communication among managers
    Member role and functions in groups
    Group problem-solving and decision-making
    Leadership and authority
    Question # 14 of 15 ( Start time: 12:51:52 PM ) Total Marks: 1
    Which one of the following is NOT the part of team building cycle?
    Select correct option:
    Data gathering
    Question # 15 of 15 ( Start time: 12:52:26 PM ) Total Marks: 1
    Which of the following is true about Pivotal Norm?
    Select correct option:
    These are not essential to the organization's ob¬jectives
    These are shared but unorganized guide for behaviors essential for organization
    These support and contribute in implementation of essential norms
    These are essential to accomplishing tasks
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