Write the body of a letter refusing adjustment to a request for repair or replacement of a refrigerator which has stopped working; also mention that the fault occurred due to problem in compressor and the warranty has expired.

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Discuss briefly the concept of principled bargaining.
Write a note on preparation for a job interview.
Write the body of a refusing order letter to a company for 20 window air conditioners and recommend for split air conditioners that customer could not reject the order.

Which elements influence the length and format of a report?
Briefly discuss the elements of principled bargaining.
What is a stress interview?
Explain Letterhead of Business message and name its different parts.
What is the purpose of a business report?
Briefly describe the improtance of rantionale in a thesis.
What is meant by denotation?
Write a note on negotiation in an interview process.
What is bibliography?
What is the central selling point?