Think of any product and explain that how standardization in components will help in reducing production time?
An organization ABC needs to implement supply chain management. What could be challenges in this course of action?
A master schedule indicates the quantity and timing for a product but it does not show planned production. For this a master scheduler undertakes various activities. Enlist atleast five of them.
What are major factors that should be kept in mind while designing a product or service design?
What is meant by "Critical Ratio"? How is it computed?
How an MRP (Material Requirements Planning) system is helpful in manufacturing operations?
Ali takes vitamin tablets at a rate of 2 per day, which are delivered to his home 4 days after an order is placed. At what point should Ali reorder?
Note: Provide answer with complete working. Failure to show working will result in deduction of marks.

These are the questions and now i am going to send the mcq's.
Managers should greatly focus on which of the following demand options in aggregate planning process?
Back orders
New demand
In most complex waiting line problem in which customers who have unique sequences of required service, which of the following arrangement will suit well?
Multiple channels, single phase design
Multiple channels, multiple phase design
Single channel, single phase design
Mixed arrangement of single and multiple line system

When timing of activities is fairly well established in management of projects, which of the following time estimations approach is useful?
Deterministic approach
Probabilistic approach
Optimistic time approach
Pessimistic time approach

For an activity A, to = 35, and tp = 70 then choose the variance s2 from the following options.
38 days
35 days
34 days
25 days
Scheduling function of operations management is critical to which of the following service organizations?
Airline industry
Fast food restaurant
Healthcare systems
All of the given options
In Supply chain Management, flexibility refers to all of the following EXCEPT:
Upside production flexibility
Agility to obtain competitiveness
Supply chain response time
Value-added per employee
Synchronization of firm’s functions with supplier to match supply with demand is termed as _____________.
Logistic support
Inventory Management
Supply Chain Management
Process flow of materials
“Respect for worker” is the basic principle of which of the following management systems?
American management system
Japanese management system
Asian management system
European management system
Reducing lot sizes and setup times in Just-In-Time systems will give which of the following results?
Poor customer service
Long lead-times
Increase in investment
Decrease in investment
Eliminating disruptions and excess inventory are _____________ in Just-In-Time production systems.
Tactical goals
Strategic goals
Secondary goals
Primary goals
Select the appropriate term for the total demand derived from all parent production plans from the following options.
Inventory record
Load reports
Projected on-hand inventory
Gross requirement
Which of the following is NOT a pre-requisite to implement a successful Material Requirement Planning (MRP) system?
Top management’s commitment
Employee empowerment
Accuracy of inputs
Computer support
Material Requirement Planning (MRP) is NOT beneficial in which of the following situations?
If a firm operates in less volatile and stable environment
If a firm has small number of bill of materials (BOM) levels
If a firm has many bill of material (BOM) levels
If a firm works with larger lot sizes
The record of required materials, equipment time and staff to provide a service can be obtained from which of the following?

Bill of materials
Bill of resources
Load reports
Capacity reports
Fixing a problem will often cost money; to minimize these costs it is best to find and fix the problem:
During the design phase
Immediately after we complete the last operation
Just before shipping our product to the customer
Just before we begin the first production operation
For an item, the on-hand inventory is only 20 units and the reorder point R is 100 units. There are no backorders, but there is one open order for 90 units. Which one of the following statements is TRUE?
An order should be placed now for 20 units
The current inventory position is 100 units
An order should be placed now for 10 units
There is no need to order at the present
Who are the leaders and guidance providers in a six sigma team?
Master black belts
Black belts
Program champions
Top management
Strategic Quality Management approach is superlative form of which of the following?
Management of Quality
Quality Assurance
Total Quality Management
Quality Improvement
Which one of the following best describes the cellular layout?
It groups machines into departments to process items having similar processing requirements.
It groups machines into small assembly lines that produce families of parts.
It allows production of larger lots by reducing set-up time.
It encourages the use of large, efficient machinery.
The major business function consisting of research and development, product design, manufacturing, marketing, distribution, and customer service refers to:
Value chain
Transformation process
Quality control
Life cycle
Which of following statement is true about effective capacity?
It is the actual output achieved
It is always less than actual output
It is the maximum output that a firm can produce
It is always less than designed capacity
Which of the following is a descriptive technique that is used by a decision maker to evaluate the behavior of a model under various conditions?
Linear programming
Critical path method
Program evaluation and review technique
With reference to Network activities, what does the term ‘EF’ stand for?
Equal Finish
Economic Finish
Early Finish
Easy Finish
Which of the following is NOT a limitation of PERT?
Omission of critical activities
Correct precedence relationships
Sole reliance on critical path
Inclusion of a fudge factor
Successful project management includes all of the following factors EXCEPT:
Interchangeable staff
Competent team members
Responsiveness to clients
Control mechanisms
Which one of the following is a type of Gantt chart that shows management of work flow and queues at the work centers?
Load chart
Schedule chart
Input/output control chart
None of the given options
EDI stands for which of the following?
Enterprise Data Interchange
Economic Data Interchange
Equal Data Interchange
Electronic Data Interchange
Which of the following reports compares known and expected future capacity requirements with projected capacity availability?
Performance control report
Exception report
Load report
Planned order report
There is no inventory buildup when:
Usage rate exceeds production rate
Usage and production rates are equal
Production rate exceeds usage rate
Orders are frequently placed
Which one of the following mathematical expressions can be used to compute annual ordering cost?
Which of the following formulae can be used to determine number of orders per year?
Which of the following is an assumption of EOQ model?
Each order is received in a single delivery
The purchase price per unit varies with the quantity ordered
Lead time is not constant for a particular item
Demand is unstable and unpredictable
Identify the percentage of items in group B of ABC classification system for inventory management.
Which of the following refers to the time interval between order placement and its fulfillment?
Lead time
Stock time
Cycle time
Setup time
Which of the following refers to the cost born by a firm if demand exceeds the supply?
Ordering cost
Holding cost
Stock out cost
Shortage cost
Partially completed units within a production system are known as:
Economic order quantity
Safety stock
Which of the following control charts is used to monitor the central tendency of a process?
Mean control chart
Range control chart
Which of the following refers to a variation resulted from an identifiable cause?
Random variation
Regular variation
Irregular variation
Assignable variation
Which of the following involves monitoring during the production process?
Acceptance sampling
Process control
Process mapping
Process selection
Quality improvement cost falls under which of the following categories of costs of quality?
External failure cost
Prevention cost
Appraisal cost
Internal failure cost
Which of the following is an example of internal failure cost?
Rework cost
Warranty costs
Testing costs
Monitoring cost
Which of the following terms reflects the notions of “do it right” and “if it does not right, fix it”?
Competitive benchmarking
Quality at the source
Continuous improvement
Customer focus
Prevention costs are ____ % of failure costs.
10 – 14
12 – 16
14 – 18
16 – 20
Who among the following is NOT regarded as a quality guru?
Armand Feigenbaum
Genichi Taguchi
Joseph Juran
Frank Gilbreth
G.S.Radford demonstrated the connections between:
High quality, decreased productivity and higher cost
High quality, increased productivity and higher cost
High quality, decreased productivity and lower cost
High quality, increased productivity and lower cost
Which of the following refers to changing the job role of one worker with another?
Job rotation
Job enlargement
Job enrichment
Job design
What would be the availability if a carpenter is expected to be able to operate for 350 hours between repairs, and the mean repair time is expected to be 3 hours?
Which one of the following is the most significant disadvantage of standardization?
Reduced design costs
Interchangeable parts
Reduced variety
Customized parts
In which one of the following techniques, the least squares method models uses one dependent and one or more independent variables?
Trend adjusted forecast
Simple moving average
Regression analysis
Exponential smoothing
Which one of the following is an application of simple exponential smoothing?
Establishing durability
Finding reliability
Scheduling services
Quality improvement
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of product layouts?
High material handling costs
Sequential arrangement of machines
Standardized output
Continuous production system
ABC Corporation has planned to purchase a new machine. Total annual fixed cost is Rs. 10,000, variable cost is Rs. 5 per unit and revenue is Rs. 7 per unit. What would be the break even point?
833 units
2000 units
5000 units
1012 units
Which one of the following formulae can be used to compute break even point?
Q = VC / (R - VC)
Q = FC / (R - VC)
Q = VC / (R + FC)
Q = FC / (R + VC)
What would be the utilization, if 40 cars are produced in a day with a design capacity of 60 cars per day?
Given the table:

Alternatives Possible future demand
Low (Rs.) High (Rs.)
Small facility 10,000 8,000
Medium facility 12,000 20,000
Large facility 18,000 15,000

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Which one of the following is the correct payoff under MINIMAX regret approach?
Rs. 12,000
Rs. 6,000
Rs. 5,000
Rs. 16,000
Which one of the following is an outcome of MINIMAX regret?
The best of the worst possible payoff
The best possible payoff
The best average payoff
The least of the worst regretIn
which one of the following situations, the use of a decision tree is required instead of a payoff table?
When there are more than three decision payoffs
When the decision situation encompasses an extended time period
When a series of decisions is required
When there are more than three states of nature
Which one of the following involves completing a series of questionnaires each developed from the previous one, to achieve a consensus forecast?
Consumer surveys
Executive opinion
Time series forecast
Delphi method
Which of the following statements corresponds to an order-winning characteristic?
A factor which may be significant in other parts of the organization
A factor which gives an organization a competitive edge
A factor which serves as a minimum standard for purchase
A factor which increases the profitability of the organization
Which of the following is referred to as plans for achieving goals?