Which of the following Barriers to International E-Commerce?

► Advertising

► Patents

► Infrastructure

► Capital

Which currency is used in e-cash Payment system?

► Dollar

► Coin

► Penny

► Cent

We can divide the Client Server architecture up to:

1 Tier

2 Tier

3 Tier

N –Tier

In the digital signature technique, the sender of the message uses ________ to create cipher text.

His or Her own symmetric key

His or her own private key

His or her own public key

The receiver`s private key

Law is broadly divided into two classes on the basis of nature of wrong, namely, ----------and ---------------

Civil law and criminal law

ETO and criminal law

Supreme and Civil Law


At deposit stage, the serial number is …………… E-Cashbank

► Known

► Unknown

► Kept Secret

► Informed

An electronic check contains a(n)………………… to the payer’s bank to make a specified payment to the payee

► Serial#

► Private key

► Instruction

► All of the above

HTML is a case sensitive language



To overcome the lack of physical proximity appearance problem in e-business, which technology is going to be used

► Biometrics

► Video conferencing

► Cryptography

► Biometrics and Video conferencing

Dividing the potential customers into groups is called

► Market Segmentation

► Market Promotion

► Market Research

► Market Survey

What does XML stand for?

► eXtra Modern Link

► X-Markup Language

► eXtensible Markup Language

► Example Markup Language

In which type of data mining, ID3 algorithms is used?

► Classification

► Association

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► Characterization

► Clustering

Who is making the Web standards?

► International Standard Organization


► Microsoft

► The World Wide Web Consortium

Class B has:

► Network 01 byte and 03 hosts

► Network 02 bytes and 02 hosts

► Network 03 bytes and 01 host

► None of these

Suppose, someone circulates a news item in the media about the reputation of a doctor, alleging him to be professionally incompetent and negligent. This doctor may then file a lawsuit against that person claiming that his reputation has been injured due to such an act. Which legal issue arises due to such acts?

► Cyber Crimes

► Online Defamation

► Cyber squatting

► None

What is a E-Cash wallet ?

► Hardware

► Agent

► Software

► All of the above

In many countries, stealing and misusing of Meta information for getting competitive advantage is considered as an offence known as

► Tort of Private Nuisance

► Tort of Tress passing

► Tort of passing off

► Defamation

ANSI stands for ……….

► American National Standards Institute

► All Network Standards Institute

► American New standards Institute

Australia National standards Institute

Which of the following is NOT valid HTML code line?

► <frameset rows="16%,84%">

► <frameset columns="16%,84%">

► <frameset cols="100,150">

► <frameset cols=”50%,50%” rows=”16%,84%”>

Dividing market, with respect to people having income level greater than Rs 30000, is geographic segmentation.

► True.

► False.

The term “Appropriate Authority” includes ______________ legislative assemblies

► 2

► 3

► 5

► 4

What does the Target= _self tag perform function?

Loads the new page into the same frame

Loads the new page into the entire window

Loads the new page into a new browser window

All of the above

E-business --------- strategy is normally formed and implemented according to a planning cycle which is called strategic planning cycle.





An array can contain ----------.

only text

only numbers

only numbers or text

any valid variable

How do you write a conditional statement for executing some statements only if "i" is equal to 5?

► if i=5

► if i=5 then

► if i==5 then

► if (i==5)

Question : Discuss the role and responsibilities of “Transport layer” in OSI model?

Question: Is electronic signature more reliable than paper signature? Discuss

Question: Write down the hierarchy of courts with reference to the global legal issues of e-commerce?

Question : How Technology development is supporting activities in value Chain.

Question: What type of issues civil and criminal laws deals with?

Question: What do we mean by "Free-Trial" promotion technique?

Question: How language barrier can be removed. Explain two approaches.

Question : How many legislative list(s) is(are) in Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan at end?

Question: Briefly elaborate the concept of Perceived Value as an element of branding?

Question: Which currency is used in e-cash banking system?

Question: What is market segmentation? Explain market segmentation in web.

Question: How data mining can be helpful?