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Thread: cs615 fall 2010 subjective paper held on 19-02-2011

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    cs615 fall 2010 subjective paper held on 19-02-2011

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    Please download this paper and share your one. Also download the attachment it will help you all its the current solved paper of cs615 with mcq's and subjective part Download the files quiz mcqs of cs615 from vuhelp.net
    List down the tasks of Initializing process (2)
    Requirement gathering:
    Scope determination:
    Resource allocation:
    Initial project plan:

    What is prototype (2)
    When a software engineer is provided incorrect, incomplete requirements, which areas are affected most (3)
    Name any six planning process tasks (3)
    Scope Planning
    2. Scope Definition
    3. Activity Definition
    4. Activity Sequencing
    5. Activity Duration Estimating
    6. Resource Planning
    7. Cost Estimating
    8. Cost Budgeting Risk Planning
    9. Schedule Development
    10. Quality Planning
    11. Communications Planning
    12. Organization Planning
    13. Staff Acquisition
    14. Procurement Planning
    15. Project Plan Development

    Describe Formal change process in detail (5)
    A request for change triggers that change control procedure. Then request is logged in the change request register. Next, the change request number is recorded in the change request evaluation plan. The request is evaluated and analyzed to check if the change is valid. Change request is also evaluated in terms of the number of items affected and the effort involved in effecting the change. Finally, the possible outcome of the change request is communicated. The request for change is rejected, deferred, or approved. If the request for change is rejected, the requestor needs to log a fresh request. A deferred change request is evaluated at a later date while the change request that is approved is implemented.

    Discuss technology related problems in a software project (5)

    1 ) Define the SAFETY RISKS AND HAZARDS 5 Marks
    2 ) Define the importance Human rourcs management in the terms of the Software Mangemet ?
    3 Deinf the Risk & Change Management Concepts
    4 Explain the WBS ?
    5 Define the disadvantages of the SLOC?
    6 Define the Project scheduling ?
    7 Define the SQA Concept?
    8 Write the Over view about RISK REFINEMENT?
    9 Drwa the Product Orident table According to the WBS?
    10 Deind the Product risk ? 5 makrks

    Another Paper:-

    Total 40 Question
    30 MCQs of (Marks 1)
    31 - Explain estimation? 2 Marks
    32- Explain WBS ? 2 Marks
    33- Explain Quality Control 2 Marks
    34- Risk and management 2 Marks
    35 what is COOMO ? 3 Marks

    The COCOMO technique is another popular estimation technique. Dr: Barry
    Boehm propounded this technique in 1981. COCOMO uses cost driver attributes
    to calculate the effort and duration of a project. The COCOMO technique has
    three levels of implementation. With each level, the complexity of the model
    increases. The levels of the COCOMO technique are:
    i. Basic
    ii. Intermediate
    iii. Advanced

    36 Explain SLOC ? 3 Marks
    37 explain Project Scheduling ? 3 Marks
    38 RISK REFINEMENT ? Marks 3
    39 what is Quality Assurance explain Marks 5
    40 what is RISK PROJECTION Marks 5

    CS615 Software Project Management Final Paper Spring 2010
    30 MCQz
    Q no. 31 List the names of inputs to team development. Marks: 2
    Q no. 32 What are the software risk components. Marks: 2
    Q no. 33 What is meant by constraints and what types of constraints are added to the tasks of MS Project? Marks: 2
    Q no. 34 What acts as a bridges between software engineering and software design? Marks: 2
    Q no. 35 Write names of six methods of requirements elicitation for software? Marks: 3

    1. Initiating the Process
    2. Facilitated Application Specification Techniques
    3. Quality Function Deployment
    4. Use Cases
    5. Analysis Principles
    6. Software Prototyping

    Q no. 36 As a project manager, how will you deal with risks in projects? Marks: 3
    Q no. 37 What are outputs that come from staff acquisition? Marks: 3

    Outputs from Staff Acquisition
    i. Project staff assigned. The project is staffed when appropriate people have been
    reliably assigned to work on it. Staff may be assigned full time, part time, or
    variably, based on the needs of the project.
    ii. Project team directory. A project team directory lists all the project team
    members and other stakeholders. The directory may be formal or informal, highly
    detailed or broadly framed, based on the needs of the project.

    Q no. 38 How will you explain the concept of tracking the project plan? Marks: 5
    Q no. 39 What is functional decomposition? Elaborate it with the perspective of WBS. Marks: 5
    Q no. 40 Discuss the concept of quality. Elaborate it with respect to what, who, why, and what are the steps for quality. Marks: 5

    Question No: 1 ( Marks: 15 )

    a) How does intermediate COCOMO differ from Basic COCOMO? Give at least two differences. (6)
    b) Explain why software quality assurance organization should be independent of the development organization. (9)

    Question No: 2 ( Marks: 18 )

    Assume that you are the newly appointed Software Project Manager at “EWork”, an American Software Company based in Boston. The staff that has been allocated to work for you consists of two analyst/programmers sufficiently versed in the state-of-the-art programming languages and associated technology. You are also informed about a policy at EWork that has a maximum monthly salary of US $. 20000 for the analyst/programmer employee grade.
    a) List the roles of a Software Project Manager. What are the skills which a software project manager needs to have in the job? In your opinion, do you think that it will help software project managers to update their knowledge with respect to latest technologies? What are your immediate tasks as the Software Project Manager at EWork?(12)
    b) Give the steps which you would follow to make a cost proposal for the project. (6)

    Question No: 3 ( Marks: 16 )

    a) Using yours knowledge of ‘Work Breakdown Structures’, answer the following: (6)
    § How much detailed should a WBS be for an online banking system?
    § What tools are available for creating WBS?
    b) What three knowledge areas comprise the triple constraint of project management? Explain your answer. (10)

    Question No: 4 ( Marks: 2 ) - Please choose one

    Cost, effort, risks, and resources are the factors included in--------





    Question No: 5 ( Marks: 2 ) - Please choose one

    Extent to which the program can be used in more than one program or system is called -------





    Question No: 6 ( Marks: 2 ) - Please choose one

    The nature of software applications can be characterized by their information




    content and determinacy

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    Question No: 7 ( Marks: 2 ) - Please choose one

    The software quality assurance activity which is performed to check errors in logic, function, or implementation for any representation of the software is called :


    Formal technical review(s)



    Question No: 8 ( Marks: 2 ) - Please choose one

    Which of the items listed below is not one of the software engineering layers?





    Question No: 9 ( Marks: 2 ) - Please choose one

    The first step in project planning is to --------------------

    Determine the budget

    Select a team organizational model

    Determine the project constraints

    Establish the objectives and scope

    Question No: 10 ( Marks: 2 ) - Please choose one

    The requirements phase precedes the design phase



    Question No: 11 ( Marks: 2 ) - Please choose one

    Software engineers do not need to consider hardware when designing a computer-based system


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