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Thread: cs614 current subjective and objective paper fall 2010 on 19-02-2011

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    Icon19 cs614 current subjective and objective paper fall 2010 on 19-02-2011

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    Write a query to extract total number of female students registered in BS Telecom.
    Explain Analytic Applications Specification Phase of Analytic Applications Track of Kimball’s Model.
    How data mining differs from statistics? Which one is better?
    While saving a package we get different options as destination location for the package. One of the option is to save a package is SQL Server Meta Data Services. What are its advantages?
    Explain Document Architecture Requirements of Kimball’s Model with an example.
    What will be the normal form if every non-key column is fully dependent on the primary key? Describe the process to achieve this normal form with a suitable example.
    After completion of data profiling for Lahore campus data, we are required to correct the records in the error table. After corrections the corresponding records in the actual table are required to be updated. Explain factors on which the methodology to correct the exception table is dependent on.
    What is the Partition skew problem in Hash based join? How this problem can be solved?
    What is meant by the “House of Quality”, explain? What type of risks can be dealt with this technique?
    Do you think it will create the problem of non-standardized attributes, if one source uses 0/1 and second source uses 1/0 to store male/female attribute respectively? Give a reason to support your answer.
    Which scripting languages are used to perform complex transformation in DTS package?
    Write down the steps which are performed in Clustering process?
    Define Simple One-to-Many transformation.
    What are the two extremes for technical architecture design? Which one is better?
    What is the difference between non-keyed and keyed data access options?
    If _________ is missing we are not required to consult golden copy.
    Both Gender and Date
    None of the given
    If the dates are missing we must need to consult _________.
    Golden Copy
    Default System
    DateSilver Copy
    None of the given
    To judge effectiveness we perform data profiling twice.
    One before Extraction and the other after Extraction
    One before Transformation and the other after Transformation
    One before Loading and the other after Loading
    To identify the __________________ required we need to perform data profiling
    Degree of Transformation
    Execution can be completed successfully or it may be stopped due to some error. If some error occurs, execution will be terminated abnormally and all transactions will be ___________
    Committed to the database
    Rolled back
    DTS allows us to connect through any data source or destination that is supported by ____________
    OLE DB
    Data Warehouse
    Companies collect and record their own operational data, but at the same time they also use reference data obtained from _______ sources such as codes, prices etc.
    None of these
    Ad-hoc access means to run such queries which are known already.
    ____________ in agriculture extension is that pest population beyond which the benefit of spraying outweighs its cost.
    Profit Threshold Level
    Economic Threshold Level
    Medicine Threshold Level
    None of these
    People that design and build the data warehouse must be capable of working across the organization at all levels
    The _________ is only a small part in realizing the true business value buried within the mountain of data collected and stored within organizations business systems and operational databases.
    Independence on technology
    Dependence on technology
    None of these
    Many data warehouse project teams waste enormous amounts of time searching in vain for a ___________________.
    Silver Bullet
    Golden Bullet
    Suitable Hardware
    Compatible Product
    The application development quality-assurance activities cannot be com*pleted until the data is ________.
    Data Staging design and development phase fall in the _______________ of Kimball’s approach of business dimensional lifecycle.
    Lifecycle Technology Track
    Lifecycle Data Track
    Lifecycle Analytic Applications Track
    None of these
    One-way and Two-way clustering are types of
    The automated, prospective analyses offered by data mining move beyond the analyses of past events provided by _____________ tools typical of decision support systems.
    The technique that is used to perform these feats in data mining is called modeling, and this act of model building is something that people have been doing for a long time, certainly before the _________ of computers or data mining technology.
    There are many variants of the traditional nested-loop join. If the index is built as part of the query plan and subsequently dropped, it is called
    None of these
    Naive nested-loop join
    Index nested-loop join
    Temporary index nested-loop join
    During business hours, most ______ systems should probably not use parallel execution.
    Data Mining
    An optimized structure which is built primarily for retrieval, with update being only a secondary consideration is
    Inverted Index
    Parallelism can ________system performance on over-utilized systems or systems with small I/O bandwidth.
    NUMA stands for __________
    Non-uniform Memory Access
    Non-updateable Memory Architecture
    New Universal Memory Architecture
    A dense index, if fits into memory, costs only ______ disk I/O access to locate a record by given key.
    lg (n)
    Without Change Data Capture, database ___________ is a cumbersome process in which you move the entire contents of tables into flat files, and then load the files into the data warehouse.
    During ETL process of an organization, suppose you have data which can be transformed using any of the transformation method. Which of the following strategy will be your choice for least complexity?
    One-to-One Scalar Transformation
    One-to-Many Element Transformation
    Many-to-Many Element Transformation
    Many-to-One Element Transformation
    In full extraction, data is extracted completely from the source system. Therefore there is no need to keep track of changes to the ________
    Data Source
    Data Mart
    Full and Incremental extraction techniques are types of ____________
    Logical Extraction
    Physical Extraction
    Both Logical and Physical Extraction
    None of these
    Query “How many members were paid claims during last year?” will perform better when tables are
    Equally in both normalized and de-normalized case
    Pre-joining is used to identify frequent joins and append the corresponding tables together in the physical data model. This technique is generally used when two or more tables have
    One to many relationship
    One to one relationship
    Many to many relationship
    Fourth normal form (4NF) has an additional requirement, which is
    Data is in 2NF and there is no Multi-valued dependency
    Data is in 3NF and there is no foreign key in tables
    Data is in 3NF and there is no Multi-valued dependency
    Data is in 3NF and there is no NULL key dependency

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