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Thread: CS507 current subjective and objective paper fall 2010 on 19-02-2011

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    Moodle CS507 current subjective and objective paper fall 2010 on 19-02-2011

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    Q:Information technology can lead to decreased electronic supervision of employees.

    An IDS with the following feature monitors the general patterns of activity and
    traffic on the network and creates a database:

    Neural Networks
    Single Based

    Which of the following is a weakness that can be accidentally triggered or intentionally exploited?
    Threat Identification
    Audit Trial
    Likelihood Identification

    Which of the following may include program code of application softwares, technical manuals, user manuals etc?
    Audit Trial
    Control Trial
    None of these

    Cryptography primarily consists of two basic processes.
    Which of the following is the study of automated methods for uniquely recognizing humans based upon one or more intrinsic physical or behavioral traits?
    Access Controls
    Input Controls
    Firewall is the primary method for keeping a computer secure from intruders.
    Which of the following refers to damage caused to the software and data without any physical damage to the computers?

    Logical Threat
    Physical Threat
    Both a and b
    None of these
    Which of the following is an object that exists and is distinguishable from other objects?

    Null value may or may not be called zero value.

    Which of the following is true about “Entity”?
    Entity may be any person, place, or thing about which someone is interested to store data.
    Entity may have attributes associated with it
    Entities are normally mapped to Tables in relational database management systems.
    All of above
    In drawing a proper flowchart, all necessary steps that are a part of process should be listed out in ---------------------- order.

    Top to Bottom

    Management is concerned with the day to day costs, production targets in ____
    Service sector
    Manufacturing Sector
    Trading sector

    The spiral lifecycle model is a combination of the classic RAID model and aspects of risk analysis.
    Object oriented analysis focuses on the _________
    States of objects
    Collaboration of objects
    Implementation of objects

    Testing is easy for the software that is developed using OOAD due to use of ___________
    Modular approach
    Real time modeling
    Usability feature

    Temporal CSFs in an organization, results from _________
    Economic changes
    Technological changes
    Internal needs and changes
    Environmental changes

    Which of the following information is required before conducting an impact analysis?
    System and data criticality
    System and data sensitivity
    System mission
    All of the above

    A problem solving technique that decomposes a system into its component pieces for the purpose of studying, how well those component parts work and interact to accomplish their purpose is called:
    System Analysis
    System Requirements
    Risk Management
    Risk Analysis

    Every decision we take in daily life requires some sort of information about the alternatives available.

    A structure through which individuals cooperate systematically to conduct business is called organization.

    Medium Sized organizations are normally a family ownership run by
    Father & Sons
    Father, Sons and Brothers
    None of the given

    Which of the following phase of decision making process involves checking the consequences of the decision made after implementation?

    Which of the following level is formulation of new sales products, and identifying new sales opportunities?

    Which of the following refers to the process of identifying attempts to penetrate a system and gain unauthorized access?
    Threat Identification
    Intrusion detection
    Access Control
    All of above

    Access Control refers to the process of identifying attempts to penetrate a system and gain unauthorized access.

    Leading CRM software vendors include SAP (SAP R/3), Oracle and PeopleSoft.

    What are the parameters to be covered by Designing usable and complete input?

    What should be the most important information required for large organizations in your opinion?

    Define Business Continuity Planning (BCP) ?

    What are the security threats to information system?

    Define Firewall ?

    Define the objective of Enterprise Resource Planning?

    What are the challenges to organizations for launching Ecommerce? Identify any three.
    What is Data Driven Decision Support System?
    What is the necessary information needed to begin impact analysis?
    List down components of an Intrusion Detection System ?
    Identify the information that is required before conducting an impact analysis ?
    Discuss Web Security Audit ?
    Organizations work with various computing environments for proper use of information system. Discuss the following computing environment :
    Standalone Processing
    Discuss System Characterization ? What information may help to characterize the system ?

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