A library is a treasure-house of wisdom. Here all those who wish to
Enrich their minds with the most valuable human experience are welcome

It is in a library that a student explores the realm of knowledge and develops the
Feeling of belonging to the whole of mankind. Our college library is not a big
One. It has rather a collection of books. But it meets the requirements of the
Students. The books have been carefully and wisely selected to create in the
Students love for literature and learning. Thus, in spite of the limited number
Of books. It is of great help to the students. Our library along whit the reading-room
Is housed in a separate block of the college. The bookcases which glass-fronts are
Placed all along the walls. Books on different subject are systematically arranged
In separate bookcases. When you enter the library you will find on you right bookcases
Containing books of fiction. A little further, are books on travel and adventure. Poetry
And drama come next. Classics, in simple dark dust covers fill a whole bookcases.
Library criticism follow Shakespeare and Goethe. On the opposite side there are a
Dozen bookcases full of scientific books. In one corner of the room there is the
Catalogue cabinet. In a room attached to the library sits the librarian. One half
Of the building serves as a reading room for the students. There , the students
When they feel like reading something. Sit on chars placed round a long table
Full of newspapers magazines and illustrated periodicals. I have observed that
Most of the students read books of fiction and ignore serious books.

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