Students of BISE Rawalpindi are facing problems. Who are having supplementary case and want to reappear in 2011 but their last date for submission online form is 28-02-2011. They are facing problems. The numbers on the website which are given for contact if someone dial them they have apply the send busy tone software that no one can call them. The other ufone number where if someone is going to call no body is going to receive call there. So what an individual should try to solve this matter? THE BISE Rawalpindi Pakistan is having no criteria no complain cell.

معلومات کے لیے ان نمبرز پر رابطہ کریں ۔
0334-5146379 , 0345-5214212
0313-5176700 , 051-9290530
0300-5158275 , 0334-5003433

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This is given on their website that problem will be solved. But these all numbers are busy.
Give your comment or solution if you have any.