A new age. The age of space travel has begun. Our earth is only one of
Countless stars and planets in the universe. Space travel means going from
The earth to the outer space and other planets that populate this space.

Man has always been attracted by the stars and planets that shine and
Twinkle in the sky. The moon has been conquered by man. Now he wants
To reach the other planets. And this is not a madman, s dream. The great
Progress of science promises to fulfill man, s wish in the very near future
Such powerful rockets have been built as can go millions of miles into space.
They can rise above the gravitational force of the earth. Russia and America
Has been trying to explore space for the last so many years. They have plans
To land man on many planets. They are making great preparations for this
Challenging journey. A group of astronauts-space explorers-have been trained.
In 1957, Russia sent into orbit the first artificial satellite which rose some six
Hundred miles in the space. America, to, launched a number of such satellites.
This was the beginning of the conquest of space. The next achievement was the
Sending of human beings in the artificial satellites. Both the countries have done this.
Russia started the race for the moon. But America has moved ahead . many American
Astronauts have landed on the moon. The moon of course, was first target. Now man is
Looking beyond the moon. There are so many other planets. Exploration of Mars with
Unmanned spacecraft has already begun. Man has spent billions of dollars on space travel
Some people doubt the wisdom of spending so much money on a project that dose not solve any problem of this earth.

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