A day in the month of March was my last day in the college. That day we attended
Our classes for the last time. As the holidays preparatory to the final examination were
To begin from the next day. It was a bright sunny day. I was happy and sad at the same
Time. I had worked hard during the last two years and I was sure getting high marks

In the examination. I hoped to join the K. E. Medical College. The thought that I was now nearer my goal made me happy and excited. So in this happy mood I want to the
Classroom and set down on my seat. There, on the desk before me, was a cartoon that my friends and I had carved whit a knife. As I looked at the cartoon, I remembered the
Day when we had made this crude etching on the desk. Then the memory of my first day
In the college. Some two years back, too hold of my mind. I recollected my excitement
And nervousness on that day. How much had I feared the joking and ridicule of the boys!
Then. With a smile, I thought of the time when I was myself a senior boy and I had played many tricks on the first year students. I had spent many happy moment in this
College. I had participated in many debates and other function. I had won many prizes.
I had enjoyed my stay in the college. I hade made new friends. I had developed great
Respect and love for some of my teachers. Now I was leaving this college. I felt a touch
Of grief. My eyes were slightly wet. I had forgotten that I was sitting in the classroom
And over professor was delivering his farewell lecture. Suddenly the bell rang and I
Was roused from my thoughts. The professor was saying. Goodbye, my dear boys,
I stood up and walked slowly out of the room. Even the last day in the college had

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