One dose not have to go very far to find the beauties of nature. The things of beauty
Are spread all around us on this fair earth. Wherever we go, the beauty of nature in
Some shape or other attracts our attention. The beauty of nature are found in small
Objects as well as in panoramic scenes. A little red tulip is a thing of beauty.
So is
A lofty snow-capped mountain. There is beauty in the quiet stream that winds its
Way softly among the fragrant bushes of an evergreen forest. There is beauty in
The vast sandy beaches and blue water of the ocean. The sun, rising gloriously
In the morning and then going down the horizon in the fading twilight is beautiful
A person who has aesthetic sense will always be inspired by the beautiful sense
Of nature. The beauties of nature are endless. A garden with its flowers of so
Many coloures and shades spreading their scent all around dose not present all
The beauties of nature. In a garden nature is not free to create beauty as she likes.
Here she is helper and restrained by man. Whereas the gardens have their carefully
Cultivated roses and sweet-peas, the deserts have their red tulip that grow and bloom
Under the scorching sun. those who have seen this most beautiful flower can imagine
How nature creates beauty out of barren sand. An oasis of tall and straight date-trees standing around a spring of cool and clear water is the most beautiful scene to a weary
Traveler in the burning deserts. The mountains present their own kind of natural beauty.
The clouds coming down and getting into your hair and eyes before filling the valley below. The sun setting behind a tall pine tree. Leaving behind the glow of dusk. The
Trees turning a shade greener and the flowers becoming brighter after a drizzle are
Scenes that always live in one, s memory.

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