Almost daily the newspapers report about road accidents in big cities. The
Number of persons killed or injured in such accidents is ever on the increase.
Big cities are industrial and commercial centers and are thickly populated.
Life there is active round the clock. Apart from the pedestrians, the city roads
Are always crowded by trucks, buses, motor cars, scooters, and cycles.
Situation raises the question of traffic control. The traffic problem is created
By three main factors; inadequate traffic facilities, rash draying and ignorance
Of traffic rules. To take up the first, proper traffic facilities are not available in
All parts of a city. Some dangerous crossings and turnings are without traffic
Lights or constables. It may be due to the lack of funds. Then there are certain
Roads that are very narrow and in bad shape. Many drivers are rash and careless.
They drive fast crowded roads. Young scooter riders are notorious in this matter.
Sometimes the drivers of buses, taxis, rickshaws and scooters engage in racing on
Busy roads. This results in accidents. Lastly, most people are ignorant of the traffic
Rules. Even those who know them do not care for them. Drivers take wrong turns
To save distances. The pedestrians cross the roads at wrong places. Some, while
Crossing a busy road, look sideways at roadside advertisements while some others
Walk in the middle of the road. Traffic management is, therefore, a major problem
Of large cities. The advanced countries of the world have adopted most modern
Techniques of traffic control. In spite of all this, thousands die every year in traffic
Accidents in those countries. It is due to the fact that traffic is becoming heavier and
Heavier day by day. In our country, we must adopt some very serious measure to check
Accidents on city roads. We must ensure that the condition of roads is improved. The
Damaged roads should be repaired and new roads constructed. All dangerous road
Crossing and turnings must be redesigned and fitted with traffic lights. Due care should
Be taken while issuing rout permits and driving licenses. Only road-worthy vehicles should be severely punished. All means of propaganda-the press, the T. V. should be
Uses to improve the road sense of both the drivers and pedestrians. By adopting these
Measures we may hope to overcome the traffic problems of large cities to a great extent.

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