The Mangla Dam is one of the biggest earth-filled dams in the world. It was completed
On the 23rd of November 1967. Pakistan is an agricultural country. Our welfare depends
On the fertility of our land. Water for irrigation of land is essential for the prosperity of
Our nation. Rains do not always come when they are most needed.
Sometimes they come
No one needs them. Water from the rivers which flow through India is available only when Indian government is in a less bed temper. The result of this situation was that our
Farmers were never sure of the supply of sufficient water. Vast areas of land lay barren
And uncultivated for lack of water. The construction of Mangla Dam has ensured huge
Amounts of water for irrigation. This dam has been constructed on the river Jhelum
Near Mangla. It stores the waters of Jhelum in a vast lake spread over many miles. This
Water is transferred to irrigation canals when the farmers need it most. The Mangla Dam
Dose not only supply water to the fields, but also generates electricity for domestic and
Industrial uses. Whit the installation of more generators, more electricity will be available. The Mangla Dam is a symbol of our will to work for the prosperity of
Our country. It was built under the Indian Basin Treaty which ended the longstanding
Dispute between Pakistan and Indian over the use of common rivers. If the treaty itself
Was not a matter of rejoicing, the completion of the project(Mangla) should certainly be
A source of constant satisfaction and pride to all of us. This project was completed with
The world Bank U.S.A. U.K. West Germany, Australia and Canada.

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