What is life? Has it any purpose? Dose man live for himself alone? Why
Is life full of so much sorrow and pain? These are important questions,
And wise men of every age have tried to find answers to them. Man is rational
And moral being. He possesses the power of thinking and improving his behavior
This is how he has been able to build societies and cultures.
Civilization is not
The creation of idlers but of idealists who had the courage to dream and work
To realize their dreams. Life is not bed of roses, nor is it an unending series
Of misfortunes. It is a struggle, one undertakes to realize one, s potential.
It is a gift, not a burden; an exercise in companionship, not a lonely
Journey. Every man has to go through a continuous process of evolution.
He has to accept responsibilities, face challenges, and make appropriate
Responses. It is a voyage of discovery. The discovery of one, s own self, and
The discovery of the world without. Life has its pains, and it has its pleasures.
It has its rewards and it has its disappointments. One has to accept the realities
Of life in order to live a full and fruitful life. Human beings are creatures of
Feeling and emotions, desires and ambitions. Success givens them happiness,
And failure bring them sorrow. They have to contend with difficulties disease
And death. It is only natural that they should feel sad over a loss, become
Unhappy over a failure, and even get worried over a slight inconvenience.
Bad weather makes us a little unhappy. Toothache makes us miserable
The loss of a dear one depresses us. There is nothing unnatural about this
Feelings. They should not make us see life as a painful and unbearable
Burden. Nor should we be ashamed of these feelings. They only show
That we are human beings. Life certainly has a purpose, and this purpose
Is not to help man realize the possibilities innate in him.

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