Man generally, dose not like work, but he cannot live without work. For most
Of us the work that we have to do to earn our livelihood is unpleasant and
Fatiguing. He is, however, capable of exerting himself to any length. But he
Cannot work continuously for an indefinite period. He needs rest to sooth and
Comfort his tired body and nerves. At the end of a day, s work, we need some
Time to refresh the mind and the body.
We want to engage ourselves in some
Light and interesting pursuit. While choosing an activity for our leisure we
Should make sure that it is different from our usual work. It is essential to
Give proper exercise to all the parts of our body and mind. A manual works
Should do such work during his leisure that entertains the mind. Likewise
The persons who do brain work should spend their leisure in pastimes that
Give exercise to their bodies. A balance between the mental and the physical
Lab our is to be kept. Mental or physical diversion from the usual work is
Essential for health and happiness. We should never remain idle. After
Finishing our day, s work. We must engage ourselves in one or the other
Hobby. An idle brain will always think of mischief. Moreover, idleness
Is harmful in itself. It also makes us lazy. Night affords ample rest. Too
Much sleep and rest disturb the normal function of body. Games are a
Suitable pastime. They refresh and give exercise to our body and mind.
The excitement of the games make us forget the cares and worries of
Life. They give exercise to our limbs. They do not ignore the mind also.
They also train us show to work as a team. We can entertain ourselves
With various hobbies, as stamp collecting, photography, gardening and
Even walking in the open. Everyone should choose a hobby that gives
Him pleasure. The brain worker should give exercise to his body and
The manual worker to his mind. if we wish to get pleasure and profit
Leisure, it must be spent wisely

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