Jhelum is 762 feet above the sea level. The highest point of Jhelum is known as “Tilla Jogian” which is located 3200 feet above the sea level. The weather invariably remains dry. Average rain fall is of 74.5 m.m per annum. The temperature remains 20C in winter and 30.03C in summer. The cultivation almost depends on rain fall. Most of the area is “ barani”.
There are also tube wells in Tehsil Jhelum, part of Dina and Pind Dadan Khan which are used for agricultural purposes. There are also three small water dams two i.e “Teenpura”, “Garate” dam in Dina Tehsil and one i.e Jamargal Dam in P.S Chotala Tehsil Jhelum. The water of these dams is also used for cultivation purposes. The major crops of the districts are wheat, corn and maze. Salt and coal is derived from Pind Dadan Khan area.
The population mostly consists of Rajputs, Gujjars, Jatt and Awan tribes.
The major profession of people is service in Armed Forces, hence they are generally disciplined and law abiding. A large number of people of this district are settled in foreign countries particularly Western Europe. Main source of livelihood of the people is agriculture. District Jhelum has few industries like Textile Mills, Cement Factory and ICI Soda Ash Factory. There is no labour unrest and over all situations is quite peaceful.
In ancient days Jhelum was known as Jalham. The word Jhelum is reportedly derived from the words Jal(pure water) and Ham (snow). The name thus refers to the waters of a river (flowing besides the City) which has its origin in the snow capped Himalayas.
Jhelum is one of the oldest districts of the Punjab was established on 23.03.1849. It spreads over an area of 3850 Sq.KMs and has a population of 11,03,904 persons. This district has great historical importance with very rich heritage. This area has been the route of foreign invaders for centuries. The district consists of four Tehsils i.e Jhelum, Dina, Sohawa and Pind Dadan Khan. Country’s main railway track i.e Peshawar to Karachi main line passes across the district East to West from Jhelum, Dina and Sohawa as main stations. National Highway i.e main Lahore-Karachi road runs parallel to the main railway track. It shares its boundaries with Gujrat, Mandi Baha-ud-Din, Mirpur (AJK), Rawalpindi, Chakwal, Sargodha and Khushab districts. The major portion of the terrain consists of hills. River Jhelum marks the eastern boundary of this district

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