No course will be add or drop after the last date of course selection. In case a student does not appear in Final Term examination of course (s) will be considered as ‘F (Absent)’ and will be treated like Drop course (s).

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malik imran: samajh nahe aye
malik imran: I have two D grade courses (STA301 and MCM301) which I want to improve.
Lets say if I get failed in mid term exam and I don't want to carry on these two subjects and don't appear in Final exam of these two subjects.
In this case I will be given a failure or I will retain my previous D grade?
Please clearify it.
That's mean you have to enroll in to subjects in
3rd semester student can take up to 7 subjects
in semester 4th for MCS they can take up to 9 subjects.
So if someone is having final term project so he have to enroll again in to the final term project for final term.