What a student need in a university during his study? have any idea? i guess yes a student needs a library to continue to over come on his problems during his study. That's why library is there. It not only help's to over come the problem also give's the chance to relax. So lets take a look what Punjab University and it's campuses are offering to student's and faculty member's.

The library remained in its old building upto 1988 and in the same year it was shifted to its present two storied building. The total area of library is 1,02,000 sq. feet with a basement of 10,000 sq. feet. It started functioning with the purchased collection of Sir Donald Macleod's 2000 volumes, and upto September 2002 it boasts a book collection of 402634, which includes 22574 manuscripts and 65200 bound volumes of national and international research journals covering various discipline taught in the University. This prestigious library has more than 50,000 volumes of old documents published during the later half of 19th and first two decades of 21st century. The library has 1750 microfilms of rare material. It is a depositary library for the UNO publications. It has 13940 members comprising of faculty members, students and other researchers of the Punjab University and its affiliated colleges.

In addition, each teaching department/ Institute/ Constitute college has its own library where books and research journals, mainly in the respective specialized areas provided.
Some of the biggest libraries are those of Oriental College, Law College, Hailey College of Commerce and department of Islamic Studies, Department of English and Institute of Chemistry where 57,335, 48, 725, 36,845, 20,149, 15,738 and 13,130 books, respectively are available. In addition, these libraries also receive many periodicals and research journals. The total number of books in all the University libraries is over 720,000.
The Library has developed a database under the CDS/ISIS designed by the UNESCO to cater the needs of its patrons. Online public access catalogue (OPACs) terminals are available for searching. A PC cluster giving access to software packages and an Internet lab. Having 67 computers at present and liable to be extended up to the 100 at the behest of the Vice Chancellor Lt. Gen. (Red) Arshad Mahmood , is functioning since December 16, 1999. There are about 2327 registered members of the lab. And the number is increasing. Approximately 100-150 students, faculty members and research scholars use the Internet service daily.
The site link is given below to explorer the E-books and get more detail about Punjab University Library.
www.pulibrary .edu.pk

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