Struggle is the first principal of life and its evolution to higher
And higher forms. It is the very essence of fruitful and successful life.
What is life if it has no movement and no progress? In fact life devoid
Of struggle is no better than death. Struggle is the secret of man, s progress
We know that only a few thousand years ago man lived in jungles and caves.
His life was not much different and better than that of a beast. But fortunately
He was not satisfied whit his condition, and not content to remain where he
Was. He had some force inside him to move forward. He had the will to progress.
Although the difficulties were very great yet he struggled against his environment.
He used his senses and above all he used his brain. After a long and painful struggle
He came out of his jungles and caves. His progress was, not doubt, slow but it was
Steady. He discovered how to till the land, sow the seed and reap the harvest. He
Invented tools and implements. He built houses, villages and cities. He founded
Great institutions. It was through hard work and unending struggle that man has
Reached the stage where he is rightly called the lord of creation. And it is through
Hard work and struggle that he will reach still higher levels of evolution. No one
Can deny the fact that the fruits of this world are only for those who work and work
Hard. Those who walk, reach their destination. Those who stand and stare, are left
Behind. Those who strive, achieve. Those who do not work, get no profit. The idlers
Do not deserve and they do not get. This world is not a pleasure resort and we are not
Here on a pleasure trip. Here we have to work hard if we wish to survive at all. Here
We have to rely on our own strength and resources if we desire to be happy and satisfied.
Struggle is equally important and essential for the welfare and progress of nations. Why
Some nations are on the top of the world while some others are finding it difficult even
To stay at the bottom? The answer is simple: those who struggle, rise; and those who
Do not, fall.

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